Oriana Fallaci is Dead

Oriana FallaciAccording to the wire services, the writer Oriana Fallaci has just died. She returned to her hometown of Florence a few days ago as her condition deteriorated, and died overnight in a private clinic.

All of us in the Counter-Jihad mourn her passing. And all of us will have to work that much harder now that she is gone.

Shame on the government of Italy for prosecuting her for telling the truth.

Rest in peace, Oriana Fallaci.

Hat tip: Dan M.

19 thoughts on “Oriana Fallaci is Dead

  1. Riposi In Pace – Oriana Fallaci

    You were a light in the struggle against the coming of the dark ages of Islam – May others be able to lift and carry the torch and show us the path to walk, for surely as long as we walk in the dark we will stumble and fall and we need all the light we can get.

    You chose the good fight, in spite of threats to your personal safety and freedom, may your name and work never be forgotten!

  2. Yes, God Bless Oriana Fallaci.

    I stumbled across her writings about 3-1/2 years ago, thanks only to others.

    It will be my duty to introduce others to her work and insights so they too may see reality and truth.

    May that left-wing Italian prosecutor know only shame and disgrace.

    May our heroine’s soul rest in peace. She will never be forgotten.

    Thank you for announcing this sad news Baron.

  3. Now she’s dead she won’t be able to answer back against her detractors. I expec there’ll be a lot of comment focusing on her relatively recent oppositions to Islamic immigration with little reference to anything she’s done previously. In other words, character assasination. After all, she’s strayed from the fold…

    I’m happy for her. She won’t have to see the mess the world is apparently heading for.

  4. A brave woman, who came to see the error of her old ways, and try to convince her former comrades of the same — not easy for any of us to do, even if we don’t risk jail, as she did.

    Europe (especially the elites) will miss her only when it is too late – when Sharia is the law of the land, when Notre Dame Cathedral becomes the Khomeini Mosque, the EU is incorporated into the OIC, and the Pope is forced to flee St. Peter’s for Latin America. (Benedict certainly did not endear himself over the last few days to the likely future masters of the continent, did he?)

  5. A great lady. The Bodaecia of our day.

    And she died with her boots on.

    Fighting back as the microencephalic mutts in the Italian judicial system hounded her to her grave.

    She shamed them with her undaunted intellect, fierce historical sense, and passionate defense of the West.

    Ciao, bella.

  6. Oriana Fallaci was a very beautiful woman.

    I think we should start making t-shirts with her image and her name for all the hapless college kids who think Che Guevara looks cool.

  7. Shame on the government of Italy

    I was unaware that The Govt of Italy was any more involved with prosecuting Oriana Fallaci than the Govt of the United States was involved in Roe v Wade.

    A Magistrate in one particular area took up a case after complaints by Muslims – that does not constitute the actions of the Italian Govt any more than it is the Govt of the United States that instructed the Supreme Court of Mass to instruct the legislature to facilitate gay marriage

  8. Let’s see if the Italian government
    of Romano Prodi has the guts to
    bring charges against Pope Benedict
    for pointing exactly what Orianna

    They may not have to however for he
    faces a fatwa for certain now.

  9. Let’s see if the Italian government
    of Romano Prodi has the guts to
    bring charges against Pope Benedict
    for pointing exactly what Orianna

    Only if he brings them against George Bush…………why should Italy do anything against another Head of State ?

    Don’t you read anything ? Try looking up the Concordat between The Vatican and Rome which makes The Vatican City a separate country………….maybe you could ask why the United States has an Ambassador there Francis Rooney III

    Now explain why the President of the United States instigated Roe v Wade since obviously neither Italy nor the USA have any separation between Judiciary and Executive in your view

  10. Voyager, there are actually quite substantial differences between the American and Italian judial system. It’s still unlikely that the government of Italy will have instructed the court to investigate her, however the Italian judicial system is based based on civil, or roman law (as opposed to common law) and is inquisatorial in nature. Judges launch their own investigations and bring people to court, rather than waiting for court cases to come to them. They also can only work through existing legislation, which means that any investigation they begin must be of a crime under existing law. Further to this, and something which a lot of people don’t appreciate, the civil law system doesn’t allow for precedent to be set by the courts. Once a law is written it can’t be interpreted by a judge, merely applied. What that means in this case is that the dismissal of the case against Fallaci doesn’t create a grounds to dismiss future, similar cases. The law that prompted a case would still stand in its entirety.

    I’m not up on the details of the italian judicial system, of course, and there are differences across the continent but, from what I’ve heard, it sounds like it’s roman law based.

  11. Yes but the European Union States are covered by the European Convention on Human Rights and the Acquis Communitaire of the European Union.

    National Law is subject to the Convention of 1951 and to the ECJ. So the Italian Courts just as the British Courts are constrained by the European Convention and the European Charter.

    There is a meeting taking place within The Council of Ministers on 22 Septeember 2006 where Britain may well offer up its Veto over Acquis Communitaire on issues such as Security and Criminal Justice.

    In that event Habeas Corpus will disappear and the European Union will make Criminal Law across the European Union with no interference from any national legislature or judiciary.

  12. Hm, I seem to have missed out part of my argument. Oh well, here it is.

    It is much easier to blame the government of Italy for a judge taking a case than it is to blame the US government for Roe vs Wade. A judge launching a criminal investigation would have to be working to laws that already existed, since they can’t be re-interpreted. Roe vs Wade, meanwhile,w as a court interpreting the meaning of existing law to apply it to a novel situation. Whether they mnade the right decision is an argument for another day, of course.

    Is it fair to blame the italian government? Probably not. It really depends on what laws the judge was citing when he launched his investigation of the case. In this case, the laws in question were designed in the days when knucklheads like me used to think that insulting christianity was an evil thing to do. They were also worded more generally than that, too…

    I know better now. 🙂 It still is evil, but that’s for God to sort out, not a judge. 🙂

  13. I am fully aware that Vatican City
    is a sovereign entity Archonix.

    However the Pope is currently in
    residence at the Castelgandolfo,
    which, if my geography, is correct,
    is not in Vatican City but Italy

    I, of course, do not expect the
    Prodi government to take action
    against the Pope but it remains to
    be seen what action the Italian
    government takes to protect him
    should, as I suspect, the Vatican
    come under physical attack.

  14. We should all be continually inspired by Ms. Fallaci, and turn as many people as possible (including the next generations) on to her and her words. She will live on in our hearts and our minds forever…

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe HATES
    The Rage & The Pride

    angry at Islam problems
    because so many truths hurt

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