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A warm Gates of Vienna welcome to James Wolcott readers!

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Also, here are the contest results, with the winners and the grand prize.

Yesterday’s post in response to TigerHawk discussed what would be necessary to militarize the West. In the comments section, ScottSA asserted that Western conservatives need slogans, some brief and pithy catch-phrases which express our cause succinctly. World War Two had its slogans. Our enemies in Islam have their slogans. The appeasers and fellow-travelers on the Left have their neo-Marxist slogans. Why don’t we have any counter-jihad slogans of our own?

In his own blog, Crusader, ScottSA offered his own contribution:

Let’s Stop Pretending.

Everyone should go over there and take a look at the excellent photo essay that accompanies the slogan.

One of our readers suggested:

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.

I’d have to qualify the dependent clause in that one with “almost”, though, or else Eteraz would be down on me like a ton of bricks.

So, here’s the revised version for the nitpickers:

Not all Muslims are terrorists; however, all terrorists but four are Muslims.

Then there’s the Gates of Vienna contribution:

We are in a new phase of a very old war.

Does anybody have other suggestions? Send them in an email or leave them in the comments, and I’ll collect them all into a post and we’ll have a slogan contest.

Note: We need at least ten slogans; that way, there will be enough contestants to make things interesting.

91 thoughts on “We Need Slogans

  1. “First Terhan then Dearborn”

    “Fight Terror As If Your Life Depends On It”

    “End Terrorism – Kill Terrorists!”

    “Death Before Dhimmitude”

    “Kill ’em All, and let Allah sort them out!”

    Da Bear

  2. Sorry, no inspired slogan…

    But along the lines of re-aligning thought patterns, I’m wondering why I don’t see more support out there to actually REBUILD the Twin Towers.

    To date, the proposals for that location have come down to what sort of huge tombstone we ought to put in their place – a declaration of defeat if I ever heard one. I think we should rebuild them – stronger, higher and more beautiful than the originals.

    I say: REBUILD THEM! (okay, that’s sort of a tangentially related slogan).

    More on this is available here. Anyone interesting in using the little banner I made for this is welcome to it.

  3. “Has anyone noticed the elephant in the room?” [accompanied by a crescent symbol and a bomb shaped like an elephant, or something similar]

  4. Burn the Koran.

    Negotiating with madmen does not make them sane. (Pics of Hezbollah, Iran’s pres., Hamas, etc.)

    Break the cycle of violence —
    Defeat Islamic fascism!

    Islam is the only religion in which lying, stealing, and killing are virtues.

    Leaving Christianity can get you the cold shoulder.
    Leaving Islam can get you a cold body.

    Truth does not need the threat of murder to make it convincing.

    Molech for the masses — Islam.

    Burka = barbarism.

  5. Dhimmis are Dummies!

    Appeasement breeds monsters.

    The quickest road to defeat is through the gates of peace at any cost.

    In the Koran, “peace” means “give me time to reload”.

    There’s no crescent in the fifty stars!

    Smash Islamic Fascists! (Red-white-blue fist.)

    Make a Muslim terrorist happy — send him to Allah!

  6. As Ambassador Kosh said on Babylon 5, “The avalanche has already begun. It is too late for the pebbles to vote”….

  7. How about; “you don’t make peace with you r enemies – you defeat them”


    “No to cease-fire. Yes to unconditional surrender”

  8. Terror is a tactic; Radical Islam is the enemy.

    Victory Against Radical Islam Be Upon US

    This is your brain
    (drawing of a happy face)
    This is your brain on Radical Islam
    (same happy face but in the state of blowing up)

  9. Islam is not just a religion, it is the most evil cult on this planet.

    Islam may cause the death of all of us, Muslims included.

    Islam claims to be the only true religion, where does that leave the rest of us?

    Islam wants the world to be Islamic, where does that leave the rest of us?

    Papa Ray

  10. I’m no good with slogans, but I really want to get a personalised number plate that says “NODAWA”

    Needless to say, while most people won’t get it, there are those who belong to a broad strata who would be upset about it.

    Other than that, when Zarqarwi (sp?) got his, my bright idea for a bumper sticker was “Fisk Lied, Zarqarwi Died.”

  11. (A little long, so it may not fit on a mug easily, but still useful):

    Apostasy punished by death because it’s treason – Islam is a political system, not a form of spirituality!

  12. “Let’s roll” is the clear winner as far as I am concerned. I have just come back from watching United 93, and even though you knew the ending would be tragic it was a huge, huge relief to see somebody acknowledging the danger, and *fighting back*. What a great film.

  13. Jason Pappas’s is the best so far. I’d edit it down to one sentence: “Send a jahadi to paradise”. I don’t know if “jahadi” means exactly the same as “jahadist”, but it trips off the tongue more easily in context.

  14. Carpet bomb the Saudi and Iranian oil fields. We will survive without some oil, they can’t without oil food and money for Wahabi madrassas!

  15. Has anyone ever noticed that America’s first war (after the war of independence) was faught against the muslims.

    My Slogan:
    Washington, Adams, Jefferson…Clinton, Bush…
    What? We’re STILL fighting these guys!?!

  16. bookstopper:

    They have hated us a long time, haven’t they? Like Mr Jefferson said, “Millions for defense, not one penny for tribute.”

  17. “Time for change” – Tid til forandring.

    Was used by the liberal parti in Denmark 6 years ago up to the election, where we went from a Socialist goverment to a Liberal/Conservative.

    They had a poster with a covered muslim woman giving the middle finger to the camera. The picture was taking outside a court of law where Muslim men where being tried for the rape of a danish girl.
    Under the picture was the slogan: “Time for change”

    The slogan is brilliant since the left likes to think of themselves as the progresive side, something they havent been for a long time. The left today is totaly reaktionary. This slogan sets things right.

    Also it explains it self. The Muslims give us so many pictures to put it under.

    I feel pretty sure we will see this slogan used by other rightwingers around Europe.

    “Lets stop pretending” as someone mentioned in another post, is also brilliant, for pretty much the same reasons. Just replace actionary/reactionary, with truthfull/anti-truthfull.

  18. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    HEIL to the Death Cult HEIL !

    Heil – HIT !

    Heil – HIT…(al)-LAH ! ! !

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    [First line should be declaimed without
    internal pause; give strong emphasis and
    extension on ending syllable of Line 3]

  19. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace– but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle

  20. My first hard won slogan was “HEIL to the Death Cult HEIL!” appearing four posts up.

    My second offering is this — a nugget I coined about three months ago to define a central epistemological truth — and presented here in bumper sticker form:

    “ISLAM: the world’s first self-running human misery manufacturing machine”


    “Do Not Resist;
    You Will Be Assimilated;
    Resistance is Futile”

    Oops, sorry, never mind — that one was taken already
    by the Intergalactic Muslim Confederation – (the BORG).

  22. .
    No mere slogan below, but raw truth that people MUST
    come to understand before it’s too late. The true motto
    of Islam is formed by these words which it openly
    whispers from within our own national borders to the
    idiot PC-besotted nations of the West:

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    “When we are weak,
    We appeal to you for “Liberty” and for “Freedom,”
    Because these are your principles.

    (But) when we are Strong,
    We shall deny you these,
    Because they are not OUR principles.”

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Take a moment to ponder the frightening
    and extraordinary ramifications of that. If
    we just don’t “get it,” then the party’s over.

  23. This is not between East and West, this is not between Islam and Christianity only, but between civilisation and barbarity.

    You can have life, liberty, and happiness, or you can have Islam, but not both.

    Personally, though, I prefer the lines of Aragorn, from “THe Return of the King”:

    By all that you hold dear, on this good earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!

  24. “I bid you stand, Men of the West!”

    That about says it. I’d put that on my car and I’ve never put a bumper sticker on before.

    Where is Charles Martel?

  25. One I’ve been trying to popularize:


    (The core credo of the opponent must be the target, not merely zombi-fied followers.)




    Fight Islamic Imperialism- or else


    READ THE KORAN- and weep…

  26. Fanusi Khiyal and sbh:

    “I bid you stand, Men of the West!” is an excellent idea. I’ve been using it myself at lordofthepeeps.com for a couple of years, so I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me. Good work!

  27. ooh, I like the Aragorn quotes, so perfect. I’m sure there are some others we could look up. . .

    Also, inspired by Dan Kaufmann:

    Remember Hagia Sofia!

    (One of many things that I, personally, will never forgive.)

    Two that are not original, and I’ve seen around on Tee-shirts and such is : Kfir and proud! and All-American Infidel (naturally, the latter could be changed for different natioanlities, like Danes or such.

    Speaking of whom, I suppose the Danes could use something like Danes don’t pay Danegeld

  28. And then seeing my avatar reminded me. . .

    Any of the old Crusader war cries would also be appropriate (though we might want to translate them into English).

    Onward to victory!
    Christ and St. Mary!
    Be Glorious!
    God Wills it!

    for the bumpersticker: Not unto us, Lord, not unto us, but to Thee be the Glory.


    [Picture this on posters in elementary schools across the land…]






    [taking S. Sontag’s famous statement about socialism one step further]


  30. “Read the Quran and thank Allah for the Second Ammendment.”

    “It’s a treacherous caliphate that harbors eighty million infidels with guns.”

  31. By the way, I think it’s important that more infidels read the Quran. I recently finished it. It took about a month because I could only take it in small doses. No rational person could read this venom and conclude that Islam is a peaceful religion.

  32. ok, just to get in on the act…

    “They can have their jizya when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers!”

  33. I really think Phil’s item is going to be a winner:

    “You may not be interested in the Jihad,
    but the Jihad is interested in you”

    . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    From me, here is a simple barebones statement of fact as a slogan:


    (Citizens in the West must begin to get the heads around this.)

  34. Five entries:

    The West has unfinished business with Islam.

    By sword and fire Islam entered the world, and so it shall depart.

    The time has come to extinguish the oldest evil empire, and the greatest Christian heresy, from the face of God’s earth.

    When fighting illiterate, pitiless Islam, one should not be illiterate.

    Burn Mecca.

    My Summa Contra Mahometani

  35. Just having fun here before the slogan contest closes:

    . . . . . . . . .

    A Man — (Mohammed)
    A Plan — (Jihad)
    Result: Your new zipcode is Koranistan!

    . . . . . . . . .

  36. .
    UPDATE: A more barebones version of my earlier suggestion which now is:

    ISLAM: a human misery manufacturing machine – since 570 AD

    (Semi-apologies for “AD” but I do not accept CE, for we live in anything but a “common era”)

  37. Weakness Is Provocation

    Every War Is a War Of Choice — Just Not OUR Choice

    We Didn’t Choose This War — Now We Must Choose To Win It

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