The Men-Beasts of Vienna

We got a comment yesterday from an interesting fellow. Since it was on an old Jamaat ul-Fuqra thread, most of our readers haven’t seen it yet. I’m reproducing it below in its entirety:

Ku Klux Vienna

You people are sick, violent kooks inciting civil disobedience and insurrection against other U.S. citizens (the KKK reborn as the MMM under the banner “Murder and Maim Muslims”. You are the threat to the safety and security of us all through your inciteful, hate-filled acts! You never seem to tire from the taste of blood! If you want justification to hate and kill and maim, why don’t you go to the jungle and caves you came from and get on with it like the men-beasts you truly are and leave these people alone!

Alternate title for this post: What the well-dressed Gates of Vienna reader is wearing.

22 thoughts on “The Men-Beasts of Vienna

  1. men beasts,” is it?

    I demand equal time in the caves and jungles…or maybe not.

    Ummm…precisely what “hate-filled acts” have we perpetrated here on Gates? I always thought words were sticks-and-stones affairs.

  2. I’d have said the inciting was more to the insightful end of the spectrum, but that’s me.

    Who is Keith Olbermann?

    Yep. Western civilization has got to go. I guess that’s why they quit teaching it…though I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to find one of the high school classes in the very blue town of Lil’ Kumquat teaching a good course on Columbus.

    Exile, you’re right: those stripes do have a Zionist flavor. I wonder if I can nag, — ummm, I mean talk — the Baron into putting a star on one of the sleeves.

    The “men-beasts” struck me more as coming from some Gloria Steinem fan.

  3. Can I get this in a burgundy with gold-toned ribbons on the sleeves? Would like the pointy hat shortened a tad. Gonna have a difficult time munching the crispy fried chicken. Nice, nice logo, though. Men-beasts indeed! Behind every good man-beast you know there are great lady-beasts of Vienna cheering them on. Jousting anyone?

  4. Exile is right. Klan costume is a
    ‘man burkha’ but it is symbolic in
    its way of Islamomaniac attire.

    19th century Klan attire was meant
    to hide the identity of those that
    engaged in lynchings and other acts
    of terrorism. So we might ask our
    critic why does he not see the link
    between the 19th century Klansman
    hiding his crimes behind a mask and
    the 21st century Muslim nightrider
    doing the same with his ski mask?

  5. Hitler accused the British of aggression against him to cover-up for his own aggression. This man accuses you of hate in order to cover his own.

  6. Massachusetts Republican —

    LiPocryNatic. (Lih-poh-cri-nah-tic) N.

    1. A fanatic who lies, demonstrating hypocrisy.
    2. Enemies of Western Civilization.

    (synonyms: see Democrat, Liberal)


  7. This is simply projection. A muslim calling someone else a man-beast? The irony is just too rich for words. Go back and learn what your Koran teaches you about making all non-Muslims dhimmis or dead men!

  8. Inciting hate at Gates of Vienna? At The American Thinker, one is reminded of “Magruder’s Law” that:

    “Combat inevitably sinks to the lowest common denominator of the combatants.”

    and that violation of taboos by side will lead to the same violations by those of the other…or worse. Thus, terrorists, by poking us with a stick, are causing an escalation as a consequence of us being no longer frightened, but angry.

    “Is that what you really want? Does the prospect of your wives and children becoming martyrs of Jihad fill you with joy? If so, then I suppose I have nothing more to say. But if you are expecting the U.S. to continue to exercise Judeo-Christian restraint and compassion in response to your attacks, then according your own accusations, you are wrong. If what you have been saying about our degeneracy is true; then we are no longer a morally restrained Judeo-Christian nation. If most of us are, as you claim, hedonistic materialists, then we are just as capable of vengeance and cruelty as you are.”

    Eventually the veneer of civilization wears thin and the civilized revert to smite their prokers in ways unimaginable.

    Terrorists are the authors of hate and are guilty of unleashing hate against them by their actions and their words.

  9. Readers will be interested to know the nic of the man-beast commenter:


    Yup. All caps.


    Eleanor: the lowest common denominator at Gates is laughter. Ridicule where appropriate. But gales of laughter, great lashings of it beating against the windows.

    Otherwise, what can we do besides lie here, tied up on the tracks, and watch the train’s headlight get bigger and bigger.

    As Robert Tracinski says, “it’s five minutes to midnight.” Which is also a reason I’m too tired to link to him…

  10. Excellent. Dig sh*t like this up and ridicule it. Every time it happens the ridiculous accusation of “racism” or “phobia” loses a bit of its punch in the mainstream. One guffah at a time…

  11. As far as I’m concerned, we are a bunch of Man-Beasts. And, I swear to God, if my house is ever wrecked, I will relish in tearing the heads heads of Islamofascists from their torsos with my bare hands.

  12. That is exactly the thing the Islamofascists of our world have not understood about us yet. We are barbarians. We will glory in destroying your civilization. And, we will still be hoisting banners to our victory 1,000 years later.

  13. “…We are barbarians. We will glory in destroying your civilization. And, we will still be hoisting banners to our victory 1,000 years later.”
    O yes! Yes indeed….

  14. Massachusetts Republican said…
    We need a new word that is equal parts hypocrite+liar+fanatic.

    We already have one.


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