Inspirations for a Saturday

I have to go pick up the Future Baron Bodissey from his summer school session at college, and will be gone most of the day.

Dymphna may take up the slack here at Gates of Vienna, but, if not, here is a pair of important thinkers from the 19th and 20th centuries respectively. I’m sure they will inspire your meditation.

Karl Marx
“Property is theft.”

Mao Tse-Tung
“Power flows from the barrel of a gun.”

8 thoughts on “Inspirations for a Saturday

  1. 100 Million murdered by these genocidal scumbags in the 20th centruy — and it is still acceptable, even fashionable, to be a Marxist in media, arts and academia — especially in Europe.

    It just shows that the “intelligentsia” (sic) in the West was degenerate and morally depraved even before they aligned themselves with the Islamonazis in their efforts to wipe out the Jews.

    And no matter what a lefty tells you, remember:

    a) Nazis were Socialists.
    b) There is very little ideological difference between those called “far-left” and “far right” (Nazis).
    c) Hitler was a gay, vegetarian, Socialist.

  2. “Property is theft” is socialist-anarchist Proudhon’s quip.

    Marx had plenty of his own, just as egregious & anti-instinctual. (In Proudhon formula, we would have each cell in the body being accused of “theft” for absorbing nutrition from an external source. Thereby concluding that life, itself, would be the primal “theft”, leading to the purist irrationality and reducio ad absurdum deadend that only suicide would make “philosophical” sense in reply to.)

    Marx said:

    The theory of the Communists may be summed up in a single sentence: the Abolition of private property.

    In other words, the State steals everything from everyone, and then makes a Utopia from the plunder.

    And bunnies and foxes will dance together in the meadow the very next magical morning.

  3. “Property Is Theft.”

    –From Things Marx Said, “On The Occasion of My Rent Payment Being Made Once Again By Mr. Freiderich Engels of London, England.”

    [ed – Although originally attributed to Proudhon, Marx quickly adopted the bon mot, asserting “Pierre won’t mind.”

    Proudhon was later asked to assist in paying Marx’s rent.]

  4. Might I add that public property is a realization of the first gentleman’s wishes, and gun control a realization of the second gentleman’s.

  5. archonix-


    I’m all in favor of such organizations following their own precepts- FIRST.

    William Blake said:

    Those who would persist in their folly will become wise.

    (Or, in my addendum, dead.)

    In any event, the world is rid of such nihilistic numbskullery.

    You either accept the bittersweet nature of the world we are given or you are welcome to “return the entry ticket
    (as Dostoevsky phrased it).

    I’ll even donate a box of earthworms to any one of them who lives up [sic] to their deadly precepts.

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