Favorite Fantasy: Assassinating Bush

By now everyone has seen the announcements of the upcoming fake documentary that shows the assassination of President Bush in Chicago in October, 2007. The TV “drama” is set to be shown in Britain, and has a place on the roster at the Toronto Film Festival. Haven’t the Oliver Stone copycats learned their lessons well?

This exercise in fantasy is just another decompensation for those whose hatred of Bush is so visceral that it leaves them obsessed with the idea of his death. Before this is all over, I expect to see even uglier sado-masochistic fantasies on film. It is a fascinating phenomenon, this derangement. Fascinating the way watching a worm crawl up your arm is fascinating.

Assassinate Bush Michelle Malkin calls this kind of thinking “assassination chic.” What it represents is the deepening dementia of those who have lost the ability to think and can only rage at the facts on the ground. George W. Bush is the president of the United States of America and it’s killing them, perhaps literally. The increase in cardiac arrests must be rising — anyone in the terminal stages of BDS probably ought to stay away from the film just for the sake of his or her health. Hatred is corrosive: not for the object but for the container. These guys are eating their own insides out with their venom.

The film is being offered to American television. It will be interesting to see which, if any, of them are willing to show it, and who they will get to sponsor it. Progressive Insurance might be willing to do so. The CEO poured a great deal of money into the last election. And then there’s always Soros; he’s good for a few dollars. Not the Saudis, though. They prefer the devil they know to Cheney.

There’s not enough available of the plot to tell you what is supposed to happen to Dick Cheney when this wishful thinking takes place. It’s difficult to believe that the BDS sufferers would prefer to have Mr. Cheney in charge. Or maybe the plan is to simply keep shooting everyone till Ted Kennedy is finally at the helm?

This is not worth our time, folks. The writer/director, Gabriel Range, has made about five third-rate sensationalist TV docu-dramas (fake documentaries) — ranging from one on the Menendez brothers (remember those charmers who killed their parents?) to another in which the whole transportation system in Britain collapses, and the inept authorities end up killing people by mistake. This latest venture about Bush derives from a lust for fame on the part of Mr. Range…and what could possibly garner more attention than the subject matter he has chosen this time?

The only thing this TV show proves is that there is no limit to how low the Bush-haters will sink. While deplorable, it is at the same time pathetic and embarrassing. I want to look away so I won’t have to see their decline. For example, ol’ Garrison Keillor is advocating cutting health care for anyone who has a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker. He went off the edge so long ago he’s hanging onto his sanity halfway down the side of the cliff by clutching a daisy. If the country gets any redder, they’ll have to institutionalize the guy. Too bad. He used to be funny. Now he’s simply pathetically unpleasant and absolutely predictable. Predictable is not consonant with funny, but I don’t think he takes in new information anymore.

Don’t you wonder how this latest stupidity will affect the elections here, given the timing of its release? It is scheduled to be shown in Toronto in October and that ought to generate enough screaming to send us right to the first Tuesday in November. What do you want to bet it gives the Republicans a boost? It’s too visceral a film not to cause some fear and revulsion.

Shhh…don’t tell them about the law of unintended consequences. Oh, I forgot — they still don’t get the idea of free markets and tax cuts. So go ahead and tell them: it won’t penetrate the concrete.

I do believe this syndrome is progressive. And possibly lethal.

Powerline terms this “incitement to assassination.” Sounds about right, but I think the blowback will be a paradoxical incitement to vote for more security.

12 thoughts on “Favorite Fantasy: Assassinating Bush

  1. I pray that in November, people of conscience and common sense will vote aginst the evil tyranny and insanity of liberal democrats, and that through the American political process, make republicans uphold traditional, American values.

  2. I say backlash. Not the Brits are anyone can really be wildly cheering an asassination. Can they and others be that numbed to violence of any kind?

    And, as is often the case, the movie is never as good as the book. Anyone remember that travesty of a novel?

    And a note to the previous comment. There are many places where the Republicans have become like liberals. Re-electing them will do more to validate their errant behavior than inspire back-to-conservative-basics reform. The only thing stopping me from going to the dark side is images like Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of The House. Animal Farm still fits them well. Some liberals are more equal than others.

  3. Nauseating, suicidally-stupid, anal-sadistic drivel.

    Isn’t a call, in reality-blurring visual propaganda, to murder (anyone, even a head of state) considered a “terroristic threat”, however coyly it is couched as ‘fantasy’?

    A rotten egg brigade needs to reach Toronto in time to make the Film Festival reek literally as well as psychically.

    Let a thousand fetid yolks fly!

    (Rotten tomatoes optional, but encouraged.)

    Seditious moral imbecility at play requires a show of revulsion.

    They simply don’t grasp the notion of the turning wheel. Going around and coming around.

    If you destroy [agreed-upon social] decency for [pimping political] expediency you reap [hara-kiri] chaos.

    These ‘artists’ are willing to overthrow the one of the basic restraints of our culture- the respect for a non-murderous debate with the officeholder of the presidency– in order to shock, and to revel in an infantile revenge fantasy, and then use the disruption to help their allies make a grab for a squalid political power.

    Weakening their own lands, from within (as they are being infiltrated by sworn opponents of freedom-loving nations), in order to uphold a Utopian universalist delusion that ‘war is not the answer’ a little longer.

    Islam will kill them off, should it gain power over their countries, with smug glee.

    I’d prefer they merely be booed out of town, now, and the will of the West be strengthened through disgust as this juvenile morbidity.

    Let this film be promoted, and then pelted with putrid produce.

    Crap cures crap.

  4. no folks, let’s embrace the concept for a moment:

    a movie that shows mohommed being killed by a weak, pasty skinned jew…

    a movie that shows the big black rock bing blown to sand

    a movie that shows iran’s prez eatting a pulled pork sandwich the getting run over by truck

    a movie that shows the truth about the disgusting leaders the arab and islamic world has had…

  5. It has just been announced Channel 4, in Britain, will be broadcasting this assassination movie shortly.

    Channel 4 is the breeding ground for Leftist Journalists who often then get poached by the BBC.

    I am a Brit and would like to apologise (for what it is worth) to all American patriots in advance. But, it can also be argued Britain is suffering badly from having imported trendy left-wing ideas from America during the 1970s: principally from New York and California.

  6. mission impossible–

    Don’t blame California and NY. They were merely the followers of Foucault and Derrida and all those other “emperor’s-new-clothes” philosophers. Heck, we could trace it back to some of the slimier existentialist obscurantists from the ’50’s. Or, eventually, following the red thread out of the labyrinth, we come to Rousseau and his sophistry about the superiority of native civilizations.

    Whatever — New York and California are not, and never will be, intellectual leaders. Those Birkenstockers are born sheep. They die without ever thinking or uttering one original thought, one jot or tittle that didn’t drop from the clever deconstructionists.

    If there was ever a derivative group, it is American academic pseudo-intellectuals.

    Perfidious France, eternally treacherous…

  7. In absolutely bad taste. Why don’t u guys just shoot the sick bastards? Why do u have to gag and choke yourself because of ‘political correctness’?

  8. dymphna … agreed. I left that lazy comment (1:10 AM, 3rd para.) as a shorthand for other stuff, although we should never forget those links. They constitute a significant phase in the epidemiology of cultural marxism.

    So easy for the rest of the world to blame America for this and that, and everything else. Long ago, it reached a pavlovian level, and we must attribute this phenomenon (in large part) to the efforts of your own academics, and pseudo-academics such as Chomsky.

    Just for the record, I do remember clearly the number of American “advisors” that were appearing on British TV during the 1970s, who were offering one wonderful solution after another to our various perceived woes [ref: financial, educational, and social (e.g., housing)]. You may recall the British Labour government of that decade (under James Callaghan) had to make use of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

    I am also aware that Herbert Marcuse (member of the Frankfurt School) taught in (maybe 3) American Universities during the 50’s and 60’s, achieving cult status.

    Yes, American Humanities Faculties are one of the primary wells of poison in the Western World, and I wish you would deal more decisively with that specific problem. The only man I know who has followed words with action is David Horowitz over at Frontpagemagazine.com (ref: his Bill of Academic Rights). See also his book “The Professors”.

    That man is a hero, and our civilization already owes (IMHO) a debt of gratitude to him.

  9. How can people applaud a movie about assassinating a President? Is that what the left believes? Kill the right’s leaders. What is different from them and the Muslims?

  10. mission impossible–

    point(s) taken on Marcuse, Chomsky, etc. However, they seem small potatoes compared to the springs that feed the well of the American Humanities Faculties…and those springs are Foucault and his ilk. As I said, American academics are sheep. Aggressive maybe…or perhaps the analogy should be geese. Now there’s one mean, stupid, and aggressive animal. Yup, it’s geese.

  11. Canada Geese. They multiply like crazy, they stink, they crap everywhere until you can’t walk for the thick layer of green greasy sludge everywhere and, worst of all, they’re a protected species.

    Just like academics really.

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