Double or Nothin’

Watcher’s CouncilTwo for the price of one… post. Presenting the winners from the Watcher of Weasels weekly offerings, July 21st and 28th.

The Council winner for 7/21 was Joshuapundit: When History Bites Back.

Sundries Shack placed second with Blogging for Dummies Like Me.

The non-council winner was TigerHawk’s Wither the ‘Democratization Strategy’?, and second place went to Dhimmi Watch with Beheading Nations — The Islamization of Europe’s Cities.

These and all the other entries are here.

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The Council winner for 7/28 was ShrinkWrapped: A Perspective on Tribes and Anti-Semitism.

Second place was Gates of Vienna: As Old as the Garden of Eden.

In the non-council category, Solomonia placed first with Mayhem at the Defend Hizballah Rally!

Second was Counterterrorism Blog: Worst Case Scenario: Hezbollah’s Conventional Forces.

These and all the others can be found at the Watcher’s.