Symposium Update

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah

Yesterday’s symposium posed the question, “After Hizbullah, What?” Chester has answered on his own blog. Here’s a part of what he said:

Hezbollah is militarily defeated some weeks hence, but before then, some other event occurs that serves to keep the region in a period of flux. This period of flux will continue until one of two outcomes is sustained: the US and its allies find themselves involved in an overt war with Iran, or Iran becomes a declared nuclear power. The events that contribute to the period of flux could be friendly actions, such as new initiatives in Iraq or diplomatic initiatives in the Levant; or Iranian actions, such as a new intifada-like campaign in Iraq, or the attempted closing of the Straits of Hormuz, or the testing of a ballistic missile.

Read the rest at The Adventures of Chester. You can argue with him in his comments!

2 thoughts on “Symposium Update

  1. The talk out of Tehran today, from Mad Jad and others, is really quite ominous. Check out the MEMRI website, as well as a link to an AP story (I posted on it on my own blog), wherein Mad Jad refers to “hurricane[s] which will strike really hard.” (Sorry, don’t know how to format a link).

  2. What do they have to fear? A nation that pisses all over itself when a prisoner is menaced with a dog? A nation that says terrorists are to be treated according to the Geneva Conventions? A nation that lets known enemies freely come in to their land? A nation that won’t strike when enemies hide behind civilians? A nation that gives money to known enemies, i.e. the palestinians? A nation that prosecutes its warriors for rough handling of captured enemies? Why should they fear our technology when with simple IEDs and suicide bombers they can kill a couple thousand of our soliders? Should they fear our economic power when we can’t even provide enough electrical power to Californians during a heat wave and couldn’t evacuate people adequately from the path of a hurricane (Katrina)? Should they fear the resolve of a people many of whom call their elected leader Hitler and a criminal? You tell me why Iran or any terrorist group should fear us.

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