SOS From Pakistan

Gates of Vienna received the following email from Miss Kelly:

I received an e-mail earlier today from a Pakistani woman whose relative was killed as an honor killing by family members. The family and the police are covering up the murder as a suicide. This woman feels that her life is in danger now, and she desperately needs help. I believe her e-mail is genuine. If you know of an organization or personal contact in Islamabad that can help her (obviously, NOT the police), please send the contact information to me at Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you very much for your help.

Does anyone know of Pakistani organizations who provide refuge for women? Considering that the abuse of women in Pakistan stands at about 70% (last time I checked the Human Rights Watch stats some months ago), there must be some ngo set up to help in such cases.

But maybe not.

4 thoughts on “SOS From Pakistan

  1. Wasn’t Mukhtar Mai Pakistani?

    Dymphna, didn’t you post on this brave woman some time ago?

    Wouldn’t she be in a postition to help?

  2. i was involved in helping to get one unfortunate victim from there to uk

    if no one is found, i have contacts

    eteraz at gmail dot com

    the best thing for her to do is try and get in touch with asma jehangir in pakistan

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