Deus Vult, Dude

Crusader has re-posted the satire with which he began his blog. I’d meant to link to it at the time, but life interfered…or rather, intimations of mortality interfered.

They have abated for the moment, long enough to set you up for an amusing diversion. Very entertaining. Quite un-p.c. , thank you very much.

It’s Monday – you need a laugh. Don’t worry: this is office-safe humor, especially if none of your left-wing office mates can see the headline:

Pope calls for crusade

CrusaderNews24 July-Iran-Tehran was swept with riots by Irish Christian fundamentalist immigrants again today in the wake of an editorial in the influential Iranian newspaper “Insha Allah” alleging that Saint Patrick drank mead and may have been an alcoholic. So far damage estimates are in the millions of rials.


The Pope mobilized the Swiss Guard and again called for a Holy Crusade against Islam, with large crowds outside St Peter’s angrily thundering “Deus vult! Deus vult!” (“God wills it”) in response to a mass condemning Muslims to hellfire and perdition. He was echoed by Pat Robertson in the United States…

I like the part about Benedict mobilizing the Swiss Guard…on the other hand, if things continue as they are in Italy, he may need to do so, just before he calls the IDF for help.

6 thoughts on “Deus Vult, Dude

  1. ex-FlaKhilfer Benedict has practical experience in air defence.

    Das Wort lautet “Flakhelfer”

    Yes I am sure there are lots of Germans in their late 70s who were conscripted into the Armed Forces, not all got to be loaders on anti-aircraft guns. Perhaps it will be a slur in future to have been conscripted into the IDF………..there are no doubt blogs which use similar innuendo to imply something criminal in being conscripted into the Armed Forces.

  2. voyager: “Perhaps it will be a slur in future to have been conscripted into the IDF”

    Perhaps, but the conscriptee is unlikely to be Pope while enduring the slurs.

  3. In a liberal PC world any kind of military service is a slur.

    But for a sane observer, service in the IDF fighting Hezbollah, or helping to hurl defiance at the mighty 8th Air Force as they level your homeland could only be considered psoitive. Building and defining character if you will.

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