We Educate Terrorists

Always On Watch has a post on the members of Hamas who have been educated in the halls of higher learning in the United States. The list is enough to make you xenophobic, angry, and fed-up with the administrators of what passes for our system of higher education. American taxpayers helped fund the “education” of these moral cretins – at least the part that Saudi Arabia’s deep pockets didn’t take care of.

Commencement, DSU 1970Go see the post, and let’s talk about why all the trillions of dollars in oil money aren’t being spent on free universities in the Middle East so that its citizens can come out of the Middle Ages. Let’s have them do it over there where they can murder one another over there.

But who, even the devotees of Hamas, wants to go to a school where the best you can do is a major in the minutiae of Islamic Studies? When you’re done, no doubt you can count the devils on the head of a pin, but what else can that kind of academic focus prepare one to do? Nope, in order to take over the world you need a technical, Western education.

Don’t you wonder how many of those ammonium-nitrate wielding Canadians went to Canada’s colleges? That is, in addition to their vocational training in Pakistan, de rigueur for any self-respecting terrorist scumbag.

One can only hope that our domestic intelligence bureau has the names of every single Middle Eastern student in its files — not to mention the reactive, offensive-and-easily-offended Muslim student groups on our college campuses.

I haven’t checked, but I’d be willing to bet that there’s a correlation between the number of Muslim activists in a given college (or the amount of Saudi money flowing into the college’s coffers) and the level of free speech operating there. Islamic money and free speech are not willing bedfellows. Just ask ex-Professor Klocek, formerly of DePaul University.

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  1. I’m honestly not sure that we want professors interacting with students on the level that Klocek did.

    I can’t claim any firsthand knowledge, but from googling, it seems that Klocek at the least: yelled at / got heated and ‘in the face’ of students. Threw things. Made a “gesture” (obscene or otherwise) and walked off.

    I’m not making any judgements on what DePaul did–I don’t know all the facts. If he’s been fired, it certaintly seems like overkill to me. A quarter suspension (10 weeks) doesn’t seem overkill.

    If the tables were turned (if this is turning the table) though and this was a professor doing the same thing to a group of pro-war students for example (again, yelling at, throwing things, making gestures) … well, I wouldn’t want that to happen at all either..


    With regards to tracking students.. I don’t think I can agree with Dymphna at all that we need to track every Middle Eastern (Christians too?) student in the US, or every Muslim in a student group.

    I have no problem with what I’ve heard of the NSA programs and the like, but this seems a much slipperier slope, so to speak.

  2. In a time of war, the parameters change. Shall we wait for, say, the second or the third 9/11? What would constitute a clear and present danger in your opinion?

    The Muslim Student organizations on many campuses are fat with Saudi money, are easily offended, and are the ones who sponosor the race-baiting re Jews and the execrable speeches by America-bashing Lefists. They are also responsible for shutting down much free speech among students in colleges today.

    So I think they represent not so much a “clear and present danger” as they do a “nagging and subversive influence” on public discourse. To that extent, they are an albatross around the neck of public discourse and perhaps the prelude to more dangerous incidents in this country.

    They aren’t shock troops; they are the softeners-up of American culture, especially on college campuses.

    BTW, the professor did indeed raise his voice, but he didn’t “throw things” — what he did was toss the agitprop sheets of paper he’d picked up to look at back onto the table. And his gesture was not obscene, only the ignorance of the students caused it to be viewed that way. It was actually the Italian gesture for “enough” and he made it only after walking away from the students. Said students pursued him after he left the table and it was then he made the gesture. What if he had said “Basta!” to them as he walked away instead of using the phsyical gesture? Would they have understood that any better? I don’t think so.

    A quarter suspension for a fourteen year employee for raising his voice and tossing some papers back onto a table?? My word! Shall we start suspending all the loud mouth students on campus who litter the place with their papers and banners, often leaving a mess for custodians to clean up? How about students who shout down speakers that they don’t like? Or those who push to have speakers with opposing viewpoints prevented from speaking at all?

    The students complaints to administration should have been addressed with them and no further. What was done to Klocek only emboldens young people who are ignorant re the rules of public discourse, students who are bent on silencing dissent from their worldview.

    What was done to Klocek was a crime against the First Amendment to our Constitution. Many of these children have no understanding of the American Constitution or of true plurality. They are reactively threatened by any opinion which flies in the face of their little smelly orthodoxies.

    This is a Catholic school which hired a rabidly anti-Semitic Holocaust denier for a tenure track. A school which sponsored Ward Churchill’s speech on campus. A school which has defamed and then fired a teacher for standing up to a group of students handing out propaganda about Jews.

    It’s about the money. DePaul has sold out.

  3. It’s wartime, and far more stringent limitations on people were common in previous wars. Everyone knows that Japanese-Americans (many of them 2nd and 3rd generation citizens) were rounded up in WWII. But few know that Italian-Americans were barred from being within a certain distance from the pacific shoreline. (Kinda sucks if you are (were!) a fisherman…)

    Compared to that, the notion that Muslim students are injured when they are forced to endure others’ exercise of free speech is a bit much, eh?

    cathy 🙂

  4. Dymphna,
    So, I find a little article in the paper and save it for a month. Then I put up the info. Along you come and have all this info about ex-Professor Klocek, of whom I’m woefully ignorant.

    And the above is one reason I keep going to the blogosphere for information!

  5. Dymphna,

    Throwing something is throwing something. Raising your voice at students is raising your voice at students. “Getting in their face” is getting in their face. You may think that gesture isn’t obscene, but just look at the way most people responded to Scalia using the same gesture. Making gestures at students is making gestures at students. One page I read said that the students felt that he was in their faces enough that the police were called (I’ve lost the link ATM, but it was in the first page of google results for “Klocek depaul”)

    As I said in the original post–I’m not sure what the proper response should be, lacking all the details. Maybe there really were medical reasons behind Klocek’s behavior..I don’t know.

    I don’t know at what kind of school you went to that you think it’s appropriate for faculty to interact with students on this kind of level, but I would be absolutely appalled if I saw a professor of any political stripe acting this way. I think you would be too if this was for instance a Palestinian professor and Israeli students.

    I think students who shout down speakers (or have “giggle protests” during speeches for instance) are pretty abhorrent too–but there’s a difference. They’re STUDENTS. When it’s the professors acting this way, you have someone in a position of power and authority acting over those who don’t. Someone who can ultimately control the gradebook of current and future students.

    There’s been a big movement afoot to stop leftist professors from acting just this way against conservative students. Don’t give in just because it’s a professor whose stance you think you agree with.


    In a time of war, the parameters change. Shall we wait for, say, the second or the third 9/11? What would constitute a clear and present danger in your opinion?

    Well, I’m not exactly sure what you mean by this, as I said I supported NSA projects that have emerged. So, by your statement, I must assume that you’re asking me “what would it take for you to want to monitor every Muslim in the US” — and I quite frankly think that is a ludicrous question.

    Sure, SOME MSAs have Saudi money. Not a lot. USC is a good example of a very fundamentalist MSA. Most schools aren’t USC. You over generalize so much here it’s kind of amazing to me. I personally know a large number of people who are members of MSAs in two schools. I know women who wear miniskirts and go clubbing every weekend, and I know men who won’t drink, will only eat kosher meat, etc. I know an Egyptian man who called himself “fascist about women wearing the veil” — he hates seeing women veil. I know an Egyptian woman who has snuck into Iran several times to smuggle out works by dissident writers in Iran. By YOUR standards, all these people are criminals and should be monitored for being who they are, only that and nothing more.

    You know it’s true too that I’ve met some pretty strictly Islamic people. Out of a campus MSA of 100-150 people at one school, I’ve heard on good authority that there is one guy who refuses to shake hands with women in public. Pretty sick if you ask me. (ironically too, he’s a half-jewish convert–they are often the craziest [converts, not jews]). There are supposedly about two more who would prefer not to speak one on one with women in social settings. I was horribly disgusted when I found this out–this was a school I was at, with Muslim friends, and I just couldn’t believe there were people like that there, every day. But you know, it was maybe three people out of 150.

    If people are calling al-qaida phone numbers, they should be monitored. If they’re dealing financially with terrorist groups, they should be monitored. If they’re buying bomb supplies, they should be monitored. If someone has tipped off authorities about terrorist activies, whatever, they should be monitored.

    Despite your wishes though, there is no crime in merely being Muslim.

    Crimes are in actions, not in religions.

  6. Saudis are flooding language schools now as well as colleges and universities now and later. Is anyone checking these people out? The intensive English program where I used to work has many Saudis now. Many student visas are being granteed to Saudis . . . thousands, IIRC. Who is doing background on them?





  8. Adaneshu,

    I will repeat, the students followed him, harrassed him, and called him names. Their material on the Israelis is vile, and if you are familiar with lots of MSA materials on Jews, you know that. The viciousness of their printed agit-prop made the man angry. He TOSSED the papers back on the table in disgust. He didn’t throw anything…

    I, for one, am utterly fed up with Muslim students and their snarky attitude…you can google all the pictures you want to see their antics. THey are spoiled and ignorant and they crucified this man who simply raised his voice and expressed his opinion. He didn’t threaten anyone. He walked away. That’s all.

    Wahibbi money talks. And it talked here. I’m sick of it and I hope that the American Council of Bishops will rein in these Catholic schools who let Wahibbi money dictate policy and choke free speech.

    At least the prospects that some of that moolah will have to go to pay Professor Klocek (or his estate, if this unprincipled school drags it out) for being defamed and slandered.

    BTW, check out the MSA handouts on Israel. Then check out a yeshiva and see if you can find similar materials on Muslims, written by Jews.

    After 9/11 I simply do not trust the great majority of Muslims. The indifferent ones who let their extremist co-religionists kill us and do nothing but say “not me,” the ones who treat our Constitution with contempt, the ones who care only about making money here or getting educated here but don’t integrate into our culture…as far as I’m concerned they don’t belong here, legal or not. They ought to be living in a place they respect and believe in.

    I feel the same way about the suicidally inclined Leftist elite who long for Iraq to become another Vietnam.

    Tolerance in the face of hatred and contempt is not tolerance at all. It’s cowardice.

    I think Klocek acted within the bounds of the law, his conscience, and the level of public discourse that the students devolved to with their hate materials. The fact that the college permitted these kids to publish and disseminate this stuff is reprehensible and immoral and goes against Catholic teaching.


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