"Sergey, there is a need for improvement…"

It’s good to know that the Secretary of State is in agreement with Gates of Vienna.

Of course, she had to travel all the way to Russia to express her concern re their attitude, while we could do it from the comfort of our pajamas, right here at home.

It seems yet another microphone got left on, allowing the whole world a glimpse behind the scenes of the diplomatic curtain, a chance to hear the real conversation for a change:

The ScoldSecretary of State Condoleezza Rice, speaking unknowingly into an open microphone, chastised her Russian counterpart yesterday for bemoaning the killing of five Russian diplomats in Iraq, saying it was wrong to focus on the deaths of diplomats when so many others are dying there.

“The implication that by somehow declaring that diplomats need to be protected, it will get better, I think is simply not right,” Miss Rice said during a closed luncheon as the foreign ministers from the Group of Eight leading industrialized countries negotiated their meeting’s final statement.

I love the folks who leave these microphones on. It makes life more real for all of us when we get to hear the real deal for a change. Had we not had this glimpse into the G8 luncheon, who’d have cared about whatever got reported. It would be one of those usual fill-in-the-blanks diplo-speak joint communiqués.

Or maybe the audio-visual people are doing everything right. Maybe they are leaving those microphones turned on. Perhaps this is another case where the devil angel is in the details.

Hmm…wonder what Vlad’s thinking right now? I pity the poor guy who had the microphone detail. Hope he likes Siberia.

Hat tip: Commenter eatyourbeans.

UPDATE: Commenter Ypp gives us the real reason Vlad is mad:

Why russians are really outraged is not so much because the victims were diplomats, but because they considered themselves friends of insurgents. In reality they are very disappointed and are trying to hide that by producing angry resolutions.

For those fortunate few who can read Russian, here’s Ypp’s blog: Янки После Пьянки.

6 thoughts on “"Sergey, there is a need for improvement…"

  1. (sigh) I was hoping we’d overhear a most cordial invitation from Condi to the KGB to come on over to Iraq and barbecue some terrorists.
    It’s not often that justice, expediency, and revenge line up so nicely.

  2. Well, Mr. Ballou, e looked for “harpy,” “fishwife,” etc., but this was the best we could do…I wanted him to photoshop Condi’s head onto this one, but no go…Condi’s doing the harping, I’m just admiring her style…

  3. The russians may yet learn the lesson that everyone dealing with Islam has to learn sooner or later: They lie.

    Or perhaps they’re working on the principle of the two hunters running from the bear, with Russian putting on his running shoes so that the bear gets the other guy first. Of course it doesn’t help if the bear isn’t really hungry and just likes squishing people…

  4. Ahh, but in the muslim world killing someone’s diplomat does not necesarily mean that one isn’t a friend! For example, Egypt and Palestinians are pretty good friends, but do you remember the Egyptian diplomat invoved in negotiations on the road map for peace that went to pray at a Palestinian mosque a few years ago while he was on his diplomatic mission? He got literally ripped to pieces by the his fellow-worshipers. The imam must have given a hell of an inspiring sermon that Friday.

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