Nobody Says It Better Than You, Wretchard

Here’s another take, this one by Wretchard in a post titled, Thanks for Nothing, on the butchery of American soldiers by Allah’s mujahideen. W has a suggestion for what Amnesty International can do with its transparently half-hearted condolences and condemnations:

Sir Wretchard of the Belmont Boarding HouseMy own testament, for the record, [is] that if I should ever be tortured, have my throat slit, beheaded, mutilated and then have booby traps planted round my corpse so that they might kill any relatives and friends — should any of this ever happen to me — that Amnesty International kindly refrain from extending its “sincerest condolences” and weasely condemnations and offering its insulting and gratuitous advice. I don’t want them. I would much rather lie forgotten in some open field than have one of Amnesty International’s sick letters on my casket…

To which one of Belmont Club’s commenters, Wu Wei, responds:

Amnesty International is just a few liberal British attorneys who formed an organization to further their views. At least that’s how they started out, though perhaps they employ more people now. It always amazes me that just because of the name “Amnesty International” the world accepts them as independent experts. This is like if three conservatives started calling themselves “International Law Consulting”, and then started appearing on talk shows offering opinions.

He’s right, of course. It would just take three guys in a room somewhere to dream up a good name. The problem is the mandarin press: it gives access only to the America-haters. Thus, any reasonable group could try to disguise themselves as, say, the League of Peace and Justice, but the seven second delay in broadcast communications would have them off the air in three sentences. And when the imperial Senator from Arizona gets finished mangling the First Amendment they’ll probably be in legal trouble of some sort anyway.

So as attractive as is Wu Wei’s notion of an ex nihilo conservative version of Nasty International, there’s not much hope for any practical application. The very notion is itself defeated by conservatism’s first principles, one of which is that the end does not justify the means.

NOTE: I have read in a few places (which I now don’t recall) that there is some move to have a number of national memorial services for these two soldiers. If any of our readers know of such, please send the information to be included in either an update or a new post. You guys get around more than I do…

6 thoughts on “Nobody Says It Better Than You, Wretchard

  1. Fernandes (or Wretchard, or er, whatever) is a fine example of great writing and thinking that one can get on the Internet that you will almost never get in the MSM, not only because people like Fernandes don’t share the dominant Marxist worldview of the MSM, but he also shows them for what they are — brainwashed, morally degenerate idiots.

    Notice how many of the great internet writers of the right are NOT journalists by profession — DenBeste is an engineer, Reynolds and the Powerline trio are lawyers, and Ed Morrissey is a call center manager. It seems journalism is better when the writers learn to write on their own, and then bring knowledge in some other sphere to the table.

    I’ve also love the added mystique of those who write anonymously, as Wretchard used to do — perhaps the strongest statement one can make of elevating the idea over the writer — the two of you, for example, Spengler, Neo-Neocon, the Anchoress, to name a few.

  2. Yeah, I was sorry when Wretch had to go public. But if you donated to him via Paypal back then, his real name came up.

    Did you know the Belmont Club is named after a boarding house in Belmont MA that W lived in while a student at Harvard?

  3. Amnesty international. Like the UN.

    Full of its own p**s and wind and not worth considering in any debate.

    Both should be disbanded.

  4. …and perhaps I too would be considered one of the astute bloggers, if only I didn’t commit so many spelling errors.

    Indubitably, it must be said, Wretchard is uncommonly perspicacious.

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