Mohammed Book Banned in Danish School Libraries

Allah go Boom!In the cast of characters from the Danish Motoon controversy, the name Kåre Bluitgen is not as well known as that of Kurt Westergaard (one of the cartoonists), Flemming Rose (editor of the newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which published the cartoons), or Anders Fogh Rasmussen (the Danish prime minister, who displayed a spine of tempered steel in the face of Islamist threats). But Mr. Bluitgen is the man who started it all.

He had written a children’s book about the life of Mohammed, and was having trouble finding an illustrator for it. Danish artists were mindful of Theo Van Gogh and Salman Rushdie, and were reluctant to touch Islam with a ten-foot pole.

And with good reason. Jyllands-Posten solicited cartoons of Mohammed from Danish artists, and published twelve by artists willing to participate. The resulting violence has left a number of people dead, and forced the cartoonists into hiding.

Well, somehow Mr. Bluitgen found an illustrator, and his book was eventually published. Unfortunately, not all Danish schoolchildren will be able to read it. According to last Thursday’s Ekstra Bladet (kindly translated by reader Zonka):

Several school libraries will not let the students borrow the most talked-about book this year — Kåre Bluitgen’s The Qu’ran and the Life of the Prophet Muhammed (Koranen og profeten Muhammeds liv).

The Danish daily Kristeligt Dagblad today reports that several Danish school libraries are keeping Kåre Bluitgen’s book about Mohammed off the shelves and away from the school kids.

Kåre BluitgenThe book that inspired Jyllands-Posten to print the Mohammed cartoons has sold more than 7000 copies since it was printed in January, and has had good reviews, even in the school libraries’ own newsletter, which described it as “a gift to all school libraries both for Muslim children and the rest of us”.

Still, many school libraries are hesitating to put the book on the shelves, and in other places it is kept away entirely. At the school “Parkskolen” in Struer, where the book has been bought, it is only for the teachers’ library, says Kristeligt Dagblad.

Not Censorship

“It is not because of the Mohammed controversy, or that we want to exercise censorship, but it is a very violent book, and if it is read without conversation with an adult, it will give a wrong impression of Islam, not the least the Muslims’ view on other religions. Therefore we have chosen to let the book be for the teachers, who then can use parts of it in the classes.” says school librarian Søren Langkjær, who hasn’t chosen to leave the Bible off the shelves!

“Yes, the Old Testament contains a lot of tough stories as well, but I don’t think that it will be read as an image of the religion in the same way as it would in the Mohammed Book.” says Søren Langkjær.

Hellig Kors Skolen on Nørrebro in Copenhagen has not yet bought the book, and don’t expect to make it available for the school’s students either, where 80% are immigrants.

Kåre Bluitgen himself, finds it hard to understand the libraries.

“If there is anything wrong with the book it is rather that it is not critical enough about Mohammed, since I have only used the traditional Muslim sources. And when you see that the libraries have no problem with the Bible, it seems like a misplaced consideration for Islam.” says Kåre Bluitgen.

Make a note of this explanation: It is not because of the Mohammed controversy, or that we want to exercise censorship, but it is a very violent book.

But how could that be true, when it is based on the scriptures of the Religion of Peace?

14 thoughts on “Mohammed Book Banned in Danish School Libraries

  1. “… it will give a wrong impression of Islam, not the least the Muslims’ view on other religions.”

    The wrong impression? Look, can’t we just come to a shared, studied conclusion about Islam?

    Is it true that many of the Christian-sounding verses are abrogated by later, egotistical and violent verses?

    Is it true that Muhammed ordered beheadings and thievery against the Quaraiza and defended this on the grounds that it is not acceptable for folks to have a religion other than Islam or to have anything but high respect for Muhammed?

    Is it true that Muhammed sometimes supported the killing of folks who made fun of him (though he spared others)?

    Is it true that that non-Muslims under Muslim rule often lived in insecurity and many times were not allowed to live at all? (For example, are the number of Hindu dead between 1000 and 1500 really something like 80 million?) Is it likely that years of taquiyya (deception) has kept us from knowing the extent of the horror; and that this taquiyya continues today?

    Is it true that Mohammed in his 50s penetrated a 9-year-old girl?

    Islam claims something that Muslims want to believe: that the word of God was dictated to a man and that followers of that man are to dominate non-followers.

    Couldn’t all non-Muslims agree that Islam is primarily a political system and is a social evil? Why is that so hard to see?

    I don’t rant like this, usually, but folks are just ridiculous in their wish to show respect for what is worthy only of fear.

  2. “… it will give a wrong impression of Islam, not the least the Muslims’ view on other religions.”

    That part brought me up short, too. Can’t have that, now can we? Though if the book is really so inaccurate, why would school libraries buy it at all?

  3. Did you ever ask these questions to your self??
    Why are the muslims bad?
    Why are the muslims ignorant?
    Why are the muslims terrorist?
    Are these ordered by Kuran??
    *Be a wild man! wrap the womens’ hair!
    *Kill all the people who are not muslim!
    *Whip your self!
    *Hijack! And fall to the World Trade Center!
    *Put a bomb to London Subway!
    Yes Kuran orders these!
    So Islam means terrorism!! ha???
    These are your opinions.. Are not??
    and be sure you are as ignorants as muslims!
    You always critisize the islam and muslims about how much they are wild or how much they are bad.. but you don’t try to find the real reasons about why they are so bad,
    it comes you easy to inculpate a religion…
    Ask your self why the muslims are like this…
    Think please!!!
    Be sure kuran does not order any bad thing, insomuch that Kuran identifies the jesus with traditions.. It means Islam orders to have respect for other religions!
    If so Why are the muslims so wild, so ignorants,
    so UNDERDEVELOPED???? why??
    Don’t be tired.. I can answer it…
    Because they have no money! They have been hungry for centuries!
    They have been living on badlands, deserts for centuries!!
    So that they couldn’t civilisated well..
    If you are hungry, you fight, you become wild!!
    For example Turkey is muslim too..
    But Did you ever see any Turkish terrorist in the USA or in Europe???
    You can’t!
    Because Turkey is the most rich muslim country..
    The Loams begin from the East of Turkey, to the north of Europe…
    And for the centuries many great civilisations had lived in anatolia, all of them were rich, by these loams..
    So that, Kuran is construed different in Turkey.. much soft than the other muslim countries.. For example almost no woman wraps her hair…
    Whatever, The muslims have been hungry for centuries,thereupon your rich armies,your rich kingdoms, had exploited them for centuries with crusaders.. and now if you attack them with a nonsense reason as to bring peace but as everyone knows it was to take their only one bread, patrol from their hands..
    Thereupon, they become wild and they declare war to the west civilisations…
    Then you say,
    “oh! jesus christ! muslims will attack us! What do they want? , They are terrorists!! Look how much they are underdeveloped! ”
    Because they are hungry!
    Look at the mirror please!!!!!!!!!

  4. Excuse me, turkishero but I think you do not know your own history very well. Have you ever heard about the osmanic empire? Indeed the muslims there were rich because they plundered the unbelievers they conquered and then forced the oppressed unbelievers to pay the jizya to them for letting them alive as second class citizens that is dhimmis. But although being richer and mightier than the unbelievers in the osmanic empire the turks were cruelful against the unbelievers and the slaves they recruited from them. So money and wealth is not the point.

    And that “Kuran is construed different in Turkey” which means that in Turkey there is secularism and not a state based on sharia-laws is because of Kemal Ataturk. Ever heard of him?

  5. Many terrorists and terrorist supporters are not poor. And Islamic fundamentalism (and crimes committed by Muslims) is on the rise within western nations. The gang-rapers and robbers (such as those who say they are “waging war against Swedes”) in Sweden are not particularly poor by any reasonable standard (‘poor’ by western standards maybe, but really, it is easy to have computers and mobile phones etc while being ‘poor’ here.)

    As for “exploitation” – that’s just nonsense, the Islamic nations has benefited enormously from western science and technology, and the West has also given much aid. Muslims should feel gratitude, but instead they act like bloodthirsty animals.

  6. The Mohammed Cartoon affair became a trade advantage for Denmark.

    The turbulence in the wake of the publication of the Mohammed cartoons did not harm Denmarks export – probably quite the opposite, says Joergen Tulstrup,senior researcher at Danish Institute for Economic Analysis.

    The relatively unsignificant setback noticed in Arabic countries is by far outweighed by our reputation in important markets around the world Joergen Tulstrup writes in ToDay – The Danish Industy’s Daily.

    That fact is reflected in the high expectations for growing employment in the industry – higher than at any previous time during the past four years, the analysis shows.

  7. “Therefore we have chosen to let the book be for the teachers, who then can use parts of it in the classes.”


    . . . for the teachers, who then can airbrush parts of it that offend their politically correct multicultural sensibilities.

  8. “Ask yourself why.” Didn’t Attaturk perceive that prosperity would not be possible unless Islam (a political system) was separated from politics?

    The reason for the backwardness and poverty in Muslim countries is a culture that is incompatible with progress: a culture of fatalism, violence, and an unwillingness to accept the enlightment freedoms (speech, press, religion) that support scientific inquiry.

    On a personal level and for a whole country: If you rid yourself of this “religion” and take another, good changes will occur. And if you live in the West, you can free yourself without being killed for your wisdom.

    Think about it, please. We would both be better off.

  9. Guys, guys. Please. I like this blog. I come here regularly. Anyone who rants like turkishero, in the comment section of a blog that’s so obviously unsympathetic to his backwards faith, is probably a troll. Please don’t feed him.

  10. The facade Cracks

    Another member into the club

    The Danish Education- and Churchminister Bertel Haarder has chosen the same categoryas the former Minister of Foreign Affaires Uffe Elleman-Jensen. Early June 12 2006 you could read on DR-texttv that the Muhammedanes use an illegal so-called list of hatred, where Bertel Haarder allegedly has been listed as number two. Bertel Haarder don’t like to figure on this illegal list, or he dislike to have to have security servants around him – as inflamed as the situation has developed with all his so-called integration, his extension of the concept of refugee to be used in the EU-charter (December 6. 2002), a lot of fellow traveller(y), and at the same time he has to appear as a tightener that he certainly is not, and has never been. It is the usual part play trained at the folk high school (no highschool at all)

    When Bertel Haarder has got a bad mood, the reason is pretty obvious. He talks with a spitted tongue. At first he teaches the Danes on their tone – this part is known to everybody, and it is not his job more than it was Buhl’s under the German Occupation in the last war to admonish to give up the resistance. Then Bertel Haarder talks about the right of free speech that should remain. It is poor hypocrisy. Yes, Minister Bertel Haarder has a reason to be in a bad mood. First he is an accomplice in the whole wretched business. Thereafter he changes horses in midstream shortly after Uffe Ellemann-Jensen was on the scene again.

    We have lots of turncoats, more than enough.

    I will take over his job, if he feel so bad. It is not difficult to improve the results substantially. After he has have a central part of the responsibility for the destroyed Danish Folk School in the name of “near community”, his job obvious is to make the school seem effective again, after the education duty has been neglected everywhere in the name of Postmodernism – of which Bertel Haarder is a hidden but true follower.

    It is not better with his successor as so-called Minister of Integration. Rikke Hvilshoej distributes free holiday trips to the illegals from Kosovo, even with ticket there and return included. It is very funny, we remember the Danish Haekkerup stayed on UN-post in Kosovo for more than five years after the war. And that is years ago(?)We would also like have a free holiday trip to Serbia and return.

    Folk high school teacher Bertel Haarder has not understood that his job never has been to teach the Danes about their fundamental rights – we know them all. They were certainly not given to us by Bertel Haarder, that for sure. Who does he think he is? Uffe Ellemann-Jensen has recently renewed his inspiration further with his expression “Dumme Dähnen”. He has obvious become evil after having experience the Danish NO to the European monetary unit Euro. Who he represents in Denmark is not easy to find out. Perhaps we then have to go abroad.

    That the other part of the European–Arabic Dialog was Euro in Arabic oil trade in a fallowed Europe has become rather obvious.

    It will be remembered as the biggest treachery in Denmark’s history.

    Joern E. Vig

  11. Baron,
    I had to burn my computer monitor for showing that offensive picture of the oh so mightily offended prophet of the “religion of peace.”

  12. Sorry for the OT Baron – bad news from India – Looks like we will be going down the tubes BEFORE Europe (if you dislike me posting so many unrelated links together please delete this message)

    Supreme Court of India decides that Muslims can have a separate entrance exam
    Muslim institutes can hold separate CET

    Wedding woes: Row over nikah
    Dave, alongwith the police and the VHP, reached the masjid. He says that the moment his daughter saw him, she shouted for help and asked him to rescue her from those who had abducted her. Hetal spoke to the media later and said that she was forcibly married off to Allauddin and converted.

    Now Muslim groups want reservation
    The resolution said that besides Parliament, state assemblies and councils, representation on the basis of population must be given to Muslims in the police, bureaucracy, local bodies and private institutions.

    Sonia relives Indira’s Muslim vision
    It’s not that we are wooing Muslims, Congress, media in-charge, Tom Vaddakan said. The need to woo Muslim voters is being strongly felt in the party. The pro-US tilt cost the party in the recently held Assembly elections in Kerala and West Bengal. And with UP elections less than a year away, efforts to reach out to the minority community are being intensified by the Congress.

    Sonia upset over plight of Muslims
    The “under-representation” of Muslims in public employment and public life was “unacceptable”, Congress President Sonia Gandhi said on Monday. The poor representation of Muslims “retards” the country’s overall progress.

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