Update: Video Pornography of the Execution of Omar Hussein

In last night’s post about the administration of Koranic justice in Somalia, I reported on the execution of Omar Hussein, who was stabbed to death under a Shari’ah court by the teenage son of a man murdered by the executed man.

For the last twelve hours Gates of Vienna has been inundated by visitors conducting internet searches for video of the execution of Omar Hussein. This began before we posted the story — a coincidence of keywords was bringing the searchers to us, and that helped tip me to the story’s existence.

I assume that word has gone out in the Islamic underground that a video of the grisly event is available. Imagine how much search traffic there is in the Arabic-language parts of the web for the same purpose.

So, to all of our visitors searching for “video mohamed moallim stab omar hussein”: you won’t find what you’re looking for here. But I’m sure it’s out there somewhere.

7 thoughts on “Update: Video Pornography of the Execution of Omar Hussein

  1. Snuff film as religious affirmation? That may be the case. Of course I remember the account of several western raised muslim youth laughing wildly while watching the video of the slow decapitation of a western hostage by jihadis. (source?) Perhaps these religious snuff films are a type of comic relief as well as an affirmation of faith. United 93 may become such a “snuff film” to the faithful.

    I submit that it is irrelevant to what most of us need to be doing. In other words, once we realize the magnitude of the human perversion that we are faced with, continuing to “pile on” serves no purpose. There is a job to be done, and we who understand the problem must do it–because no one else will.

  2. al fin —

    So, what do I do? Stop blogging? Or only post on topics deemed “new, not already covered”? If the latter, who decides?


    No, I think I’ll just keep “piling on”. It keeps me off the streets.

  3. Like I said before, arabs have made themselves into a sick breed. This kind of death cult perversion is pathetic. If the euros are too neutered to resist the takeover by this death cult, they’re just gonna have to take their thrice-yankee-saved little asses into dhimmitude without our help this time.

    I still think most muslims other than arabs are okay due to local modifications to Islam that make it more human than the arabicized version.

  4. Dymph and Baron
    Dont give a seconds thought to the requests of such sikkos.
    These sad people are not even worthy of your contempt. They are voyeurs of spectacle; totally removed from human feeling and empathy.
    I wish you both well and happiness and PLEASE! keep this blog going as it is giving hope and support to all thinking people here in the UK.
    Kind regards
    TA Preston Lancashire ENGLAND

  5. Titus —

    Thank you very much.

    Just FYI, when I used to live in the West Riding of Yorkshire many years ago, we had a saying that I’m sure will have meaning for you:

    “Wogs begin at Settle.” 😉


  6. Pardon me for not making myself clearer, Baron. I was not referring to you, with the phrase “piling on.” You are doing a fine job exposing this immense problem, and should by all means continue as long as you are able and willing. It is for us, your readers, to decide when we have learned enough to take action–to avoid an indefinite paralysis by over analysis.

    Otherwise we become like the old men playing checkers on the town square, believing we are solving the problems of the world in our side conversations.

  7. Nice blog. Wandered in from Cassandra’s. Don’t know why I haven’t found it before but then I am slow. And old. And senile. And….! 😉

    On this topic I find myself asking whether these a*shats really believe they are cowing the American people with their snuff films. If so they are sadly mistaken! I’ve watched the films of the deaths of young Marines I knew and admired. My reaction? Extremely controlled anger and slow, burning, forceful determination. Is that truly the reaction they are looking for? Talk about the proverbial “Waking a sleeping giant”!

    In American slang; “Payback is a b*tch”! Thousands of years of death as a commodity does not play well with those that will deal the retribution. You film the snuff videos expect no quarter. “No better friend – No worse enemy” is not simply a slogan. It is a way of life!

    Sometimes I almost think these snuff videos should be aired on the six o’clock news every evening. If not for the horror the families would have to face! Give the general populace a taste of the true evil we are fighting. It might even hold our 30 second attention spans for as full minute at the least. Oh well, one can dream! 😉

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