The Grass is Greener in Gaza

UPDATE: Commenter kepiblanc reports that the situation has changed.

Ahmed Abu Laban

Abu Laban just appeared on national Danish TV and withdrew his promise to leave the country.

No wonder he is called “The Snake-tongue’ed Imam” here in Denmark. Just proves the saying “never trust a Muslim”.

Laban giveth, and Laban taketh away. We’ll have to keep an eye on this story.


Reader KH has kindly translated this article in today’s Berlingske Tidende (original in Danish):

FLASH : Good news from Eurabia

Denmark’s most outspoken imam, Ahmed Abu Laban, leaves the country and plans to settle in Gaza. In a statement today, the imam condemns Denmark and the Danes for being intolerant and hostile towards human rights, especially considering Muslims. “Constantly being associated with terrorism and humiliation is unacceptable to me” he claims.

The Imam enjoys a 20 year long “refugee-status” in Denmark, but still holds a Palestinian passport. During those 20 years he refused to speak Danish. He played an instrumental role in the recent “cartoon jihad” and is generally considered “The face of Islam” in Denmark – soft speaking when on TV, but preaching hate and sharia in the mosque.

His decision to leave this country of infidels coincides with the present standstill in Muslim immigration – a consequence of the Danish government’s hard-line and restrictive immigration laws.

This is a very encouraging sign. The people who say that Eurabia can be rolled back may well be right.

19 thoughts on “The Grass is Greener in Gaza

  1. Baron:
    All I can say is: hope the door hits you in the rear when you leave ingrate! Let’s see how long he lasts before he hustles out.

  2. Hope seems to come from unexpected quarters, and it’s from the little countries people to tend to write-off.

  3. Re: “Constantly being associated with terrorism and humiliation is unacceptable to me” he claims.”

    And you point would be Mr. Abu Laban?

  4. I hope the Baron won’t mind the shameless advertising, but I have the entire aticle from the Copenhagen post (in english) here.

    I’m overjoyed at this news.

  5. Good for Denmark in the short run, but until the inquiring jury’s in I cannot dismiss that in the long run it may be good for jihad. For example, is another stronger, more brazen imam-in-training taking over in Denmark? This is still jihad: now it’s back in Gaza and adds to Israel’s headache.

    We mock totalityrannized jihadist youth for firing rifles in the air at the slightest misfortune to befall an infidel. Let’s also be wary of getting too “clickety-clackety” on our keyboards over this one.

    Remeber: a leapoard may change its cave, but never it’s spots.

  6. UPDATE :

    Abu Laban just appeared on national Danish TV and redraw his promise to leave the country.
    No wonder he is called “The Snake-tongue’ed Imam here in Denmark. Just proves the saying “never trust a Muslim”.

  7. I saw this lying, deceitful, whining piece of dog-sh#*t during the cartoon riots on TV and I am dying for a chance to kick him in the kaftan on his way out.

    Good riddance you miserable bastard! May you follow sheik Yassin and Ara-fish to hell…

  8. This is truly excellent news.

    Muslim exmmigration from Europe is the only way the business can be resolved without blood. If a hardline islamoid has left Denmark inspired by Danish moral and psychological pressure that is like a shining beacon.

    Down with PC and sensitivity, up with allah cartoons, villification of terrorists and their evil faith.

  9. Baron:
    Thanks kepiblanc. Well what a coward eh? Guess he saw the newsfootage of the gunfights at the OK corral and decided that badmouthing Denmark was much safer. I hope the Danish government will boot him out pronto.


  10. I suggest he be ‘INVITED’ to leave…say, by June 1st, 2006, together with all his relatives, their goods and chattels. Take everything they’re taking because they won’t be allowed back for it.

    This man created a conspiracy of lies to damage the international reputation and economy of a small country and to create hardship for her people through trade embargoes, and very nearly succeeded. In some countries that would merit him a firing squad.

    He should be TOLD TO LEAVE!

  11. It won’t be “resolved” without blood. Not until Muslims repudiate, shun, and put on trial these jihadis. But don’t count on it. There’s no cause to celebrate, just weapons – military, cultural, economic – to calibrate.

  12. I suspect that he is leaving in anticipation of some kind of legal action. Does this dog leave with his tail between his legs or barking in triumph?

    I’ll have some havarti to celebrate.

  13. Denmark really need our support.

    I recently found this (rather old – 2002 -, but relevant) article by Daniel Pipes and Lars Hedegaard:

    A few quotes:

    “Muslims are only 4 percent of Denmark’s 5.4 million people but make up a majority of the country’s convicted rapists, an especially combustible issue given that practically all the female victims are non-Muslim. Similar, if lesser, disproportions are found in other crimes.”

    Which is an understatement, when pressed they elaborated: “Denmark does, however, produce numbers on immigrants from Third World countries and their descendants, which it reports makes up 5% of the population; and it is known that Muslims make up four-fifths of this element. The latest police figures show that 76.5% of convicted rapists in Copenhagen belong to that 5% of the population, and from that we drew our understated conclusion.”

    That is completely insane. But as usual, the leftist creeps are more worried that statistics like these contribute to islamophobia than they are worried about Danes getting raped.

  14. The danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten know this truth-perverter quite well so they recorded both conversations they had with him, concerning his decision to head for Gaza.

    Laban adds that he will not leave the country voluntarily.

    Another imam, Abu Bashar, says radical imams from Hizb-ut-Tahrir could appear if Abu Laban leaves. “That would be dangerous for Denmark because a cooperation with the radicals would be difficult. Fatwas would be issued every day”, he states.

    Don´t you just get fed up with these guys? And threatening with fatwas!

    Denmark doesn´t need a repelling person like Abu Laban who considers the moderate and others who put European values ahead of Islam, as “rats in the whole”.

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