Something is Stupid in Denmark

Ahmed Abu LabanThe famous imam of the cartoon jihad, Danish Islamist Ahmed Abu Laban, is at it again. Not content with biting the hand that feeds him, he’s ready to take it off at the elbow: this time he’s insulting the intelligence of the Danes, the poor ignorant folk among whom he has magnanimously consented to live.

According to Sugiero:

Danish Imam Abu Laban had great fun during his weekly Friday Prayer in The Islamic Society’s mosque in Copenhagen, calling his Danish fellow citizens lazy, non-educated, racists and ignorants who let themselves be manipulated by the media.

According to Laban, via the Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet, that description fits one of every five Danes: “If you believe education is expensive, try being ignorant. Living as an ignorant is expensive. I feel sorry for the Danes that fit to this description. They let the media form their opinion,” he shouted from the pulpit.

In Laban’s opinion, the lack of education and knowledge are the main reasons for racism and islamophobia.

He’s right, you know. Anybody who keeps up with current affairs, who educates himself against a tendency towards illiteracy and ignorance, will be free of Islamophobia. We all need to stay well-informed. Just to pick an article at random, look at this one in World Net Daily:

Imam Ahmed Abu Laban, leader of the Islamic Society of Denmark, said in his Friday sermon days after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon that he shed no tears for the victims, reported the Israeli daily Maariv.

There. You see? Don’t you feel your Islamophobia just melt away as you read those words? I know mine does.

Sugiero has plenty more on Abu Laban.

2 thoughts on “Something is Stupid in Denmark

  1. Waaaaiiiiitt, what kind of man is this?

    – believes population mislead by right wing media
    – believes rascism and islamophobia are self evidently and solely cause by ignorance
    – shed no tears for 9/11 victims
    – habitual liar
    – hates the country where he lives, but doesn’t want to leave
    – condemns Danes for being intolerant and hostile towards human rights (because they actually pratice free speech)

    I’m just an ignorant euro, but :

    o_0 He sounds like a US Democrat party activist or marxist professor or london town councillor or Ward Churchill or ….

    Hey, you don’t think he like posts on DailyKos or something, does he?

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