Jihad on the Playground in Denmark

Reader Zonka translates the following story from today’s Internet version of Jyllands-Posten:

Boy chased by 50 angry schoolmates

From: Jyllands-Posten, May 12, 2006

Chased by up to 50 angry school mates, armed with sticks and iron rods, a pupil in one of the first grades at the Hans Christian Andersen School in Odense, had to flee through the schoolyard.

The reason for the anger was that the boy had used strong language against Islam.

The parents of the 378 pupils at the school, have in an insistent letter from the school been encouraged to talk to their children about how the situation could have gotten so much out of hand.

The trouble started at the school’s playground, when a small boy said “f**k the Qu’ran” and then got into a fight with a group of first and second graders.

Shortly after the boy had to escape with a large number of angry school mates after him. Some of the pursuers had, according to the schools letter, picked up sticks and iron rods.

The school staff were able to stop the pursuit before anybody was hurt.

“The pursuers were a mixed group of Danish and foreign origin, so there were no unambiguous ethnic or religious conflict,” says Jørgen Schaldemose, who is School Chief in Odense municipality.

The school chief considers the episode as an example of that even very young children wants to test limits, and that he is satisfied with the school’s resolute reaction.

The school have stated to the involved parties that it will no longer accept such statements or the ensuing reaction.

Nothing “unambiguous”, indeed. Nope. Not a bit. All the “involved parties” are to blame. As we know, all kids “test the limits”. Boys will boys.

We deem such behavior to be “unacceptable”. There! That’ll take care of it.

Nothing to see here, people; just move along.

9 thoughts on “Jihad on the Playground in Denmark

  1. Baron:
    Does the Danish principal have the guts to charge the students with attempted murder now that he’s patted himself on the back for the school’s quick intrvention?


  2. xavier: Does the Danish principal have the guts to charge the students with attempted murder

    No way! He most likely think that he now have everything under control, problem taken care of and can now be filed under solved problems! He, like most others see it as an isolated incident and don’t look at the greater picture.

    Likewise the wording of “mixed Danish and foreign origin”, most likely covers nothing more than some of the kids have parents with Danish citizenship while others are here as refugees, most likely all of the chasing kids are of muslim background!

  3. I don’t remember seeing the “angry mob of youths” scene in the Danny Kaye Hans Christian Anderson movie.

    Must have been during the Little Mermaid ballet. I never lasted all the way through that part.

  4. I know a Palestinian christian who’s 9 year old cousin got “accidentally” strangled under mysterious circumstances while “playing” with other palestinian kids. Were they “playing” jihad? We’ll never know, you know you can’t expect the Palestinian Authority to get to the bottom of it.

  5. There was a similarly hyped story not long ago about a dozen muslim men going to the school of one of the Danish cartoonist’s daughter and asking for her. It turned out that it wasn’t 12 men, but girls, and they were school age kids, and that the little girl was not threatened.

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