Is The Brussels Journal to be Silenced?

From Paul Belien’s website:

Following last Thursday’s Antwerp massacre the Belgian authorities have announced zero tolerance for racism. Belgian journalists, lawyers and politicians (including Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt), say that I am responsible for creating the atmosphere of hatred that led to the massacre. Some people even demand that I be prosecuted.

Belgian television and the Brussels papers say that the Antwerp shoot-out is the result of my writings. Regular readers of The Brussels Journal know my view well enough: I have repeatedly defended the view that Muslim immigrants are not to blame for Europe’s predicament. The latter is entirely of our own making. Europeans have foolishly replaced God by the State as the one on whom they rely to take care of all their needs from cradle to grave. The religious vacuum has led to a demographic vacuum, because those who lose faith in God lose faith in the future as well. A civilization that has created a religious and a demographic vacuum is bound to perish.

The lights are turning out for Europe. If America follows Europe’s example Christendom is lost.

So an eighteen year-old kid goes Goth, shoots up the place because he doesn’t like “foreigners” and one lone journalist is to blame? Not only is Belgium a grimly Orwellian place, but it also has lost its powers of reasoning. Since when could ONE journalist have that much power?

In America, we would have used the incident to do a lot of breast-beating. Grief counselors would have been called in. Bullies would have been singled out for admonition. Re-education classes would have started and people would be giving hard looks to the parents of the killer.

But that is not how it seems to work in Belgium. And as sand-poundingly stupid as our reflexive response to raving adolescent lunatics is, we can now see there are worse reactions. It is hard to respect the elites in a country who choose to take advantage of the crazy behavior of one homicidal kid in order to silence those who disagree with them. Talk about a leap of faith! It surely isn’t a leap of logic we’re dealing with here.

Mr. Belien is right: it’s damned dark in Europe. They can’t even grope their way to the light of reason anymore. In fact, one could say they stomped on the torch a long time ago and have enacted laws forbidding any one to light it again.

What a pity, to die in the dark, killed by your own scared stupidity.

A reader sends the email address for the Belgian embassy. Let them know, respectfully, what you think:


Should you prefer to write (using your best bond stationery and black ink, please), fax or phone, here is that information, too:

Mr. Leo Cortens, Counselor and Consul
Embassy of Belgium
3330 Garfield Street NW
Washington, DC 20008

Consular office hours 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM:

Phone (202) 333-6900, Fax (202) 338-4960

If you are particularly fired up, why not do all four?

In an email, Paul Belien says he’s going on holiday for a fortnight. We can only hope by then the know-nothings will have turned their attention to something else.

15 thoughts on “Is The Brussels Journal to be Silenced?

  1. What a pity, to die in the dark, killed by your own scared stupidity.

    Belgium is groping at her own wrists with a broken bottle, but I am not moved to pity. This makes me homicidally angry, actually.

    First they came for the cartoonists…

  2. Dympha: The link at the top of the article is broken. I think you need to delete everything up to the second “http” just before w w w DOT brussels etc.

  3. Someone just requested that certain terminology not be used. Don’t say ‘Orwellian’, of all things. Does irony get more turned? Not if it were rolled into Bessemer steel.

    At least you said, please, unlike the folks who have made hate speech a crime. Remember, Dr Z, the unexamined statement isn’t worth making.

  4. Does irony get more turned?

    I fail to see the irony.

    Just as 2+2 does not equal 5, then certainly *&^%$ should be called exactly what it is: ^%$$£* and not gold.

  5. You hurl a mean accusation, Zed.

    I’m not surprised you don’t see the irony. As though you are Big Brother, you command “Do not speak thusly!” Is the fog lifting?

  6. Dr. Zaius,

    Whatever “intl law” existed has failed. The UN in 2006 makes the League of Nations look competent.

    If you want to play lawyer-ball, each and every time Saddam shot at our pilots, it was a breach of the 1991 cease-fire and gave rise to a resumption of hostilities. There were many other “legal” justifications for the invasion, which you have, no doubt, heard and rejected.

    Bashing Fluffy over military service is typical shoot-the-messenger stuff. And anyway, do you not have the right to call the fire department unless you’ve served as a firefighter?

  7. “If you don’t become ‘Big Brother,’ Big Brother will become you.”

    Perhaps the most meaningless comment ever posted here. It bears out my theory that Dr Z is some kind of automoton – a random epithet generator is one of his modules – adrift in the net.

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