Dymphna is on the Tammy Bruce Show

Update: Ha! Talk about chick bloggers – I’ve been listening, and she sounds great! Of course, I’m prejudiced…

The New American RevolutionDymphna is tentatively scheduled to be on the Tammy Bruce show is 12:30 pm EDT, or 9:30 am on the Left Coast.

The program can be heard on Talk Radio Network. Go to Tammy’s blog and click on “Listen Live” under “Tammy Radio”.

Today she’s featuring Josue Sierra, the proprietor of the blog Latino Issues. Mr. Sierra is one of the forgotten Latinos, because his parents are Cuban, and, as we all know, Cubans are not “real” Hispanics. Their first sin is to reject Fidel’s socialist paradise. Then they tend to arrive in this country with a love for liberty and an enthusiasm for America, and that just won’t do, will it? Not only that, they often – gasp! – vote Republican.

Tammy’s blog can be found here.