Another Swedish Dhimmi-Down

The Swedish government has the steps choreographed perfectly for their Dhimmi shuffle. It is hard to respect a group of people so led by fear — which is all this move amounts to. Now, instead of refusing to let Hamas into the country, they’ve done a swerve. They won’t let in one Hamas official, but they’ll let in another. According to Ynet News:

…days after Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson said his country will not welcome Hamas legislators, diplomats in Jerusalem and Palestinian sources told Ynet that the Swedish government has agreed to grant a visa to Palestinian Minister for Refugees and Hamas official Atef Adouan.

The Swedish consul general in Jerusalem, Nils Eliasson, told Ynet that Adouan will be granted a visa to Sweden.

“Adouan has been invited to Sweden by a non-governmental organization, and therefore the government sees no problem in his entering the country,” Eliasson said.
Adouan is set to attend a conference in Sweden. His visa application has been approved after similar applications by a number of Hamas officials were turned down.

The other guy, the one they refused — Salah Bardawil (or al-Bardaweel; these names change in transliteration) — isn’t permitted in because he might have attended a meeting where Swedish officials were present. Adouan, on the other hand, is meeting with Swedish citizens who happen to be Muslims. Get the difference? I don’t, though I’m sure the State Department and the Swedes could parse it somehow.

Is Hamas gloating? You bet:

Hamas officials told Ynet that if all goes according to plan, Adouan will enter Sweden despite Israel’s opposition and the remarks by the Swedish prime minister.

Just another small wedge in the door to Legitimacy.

Just another degree of heat on the pot where the frog is beginning to simmer.

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4 thoughts on “Another Swedish Dhimmi-Down

  1. Thanks to commenter rickl for pointing out the double post! Your efforts, alas, have made your comment disappear forever…

  2. roy l–

    That’s the strength of immigrants. Even de Toqueville noticed it. Of course this character trait also makes us impatient with slooow change.

  3. By only allowing a second or third tier official do the ‘meeting with’, the Swedish Government is, like Caesar before them, washing their hands of HAMAS and only allowing an arms’ length transaction. In this way they hope to distance themselves while still dealing with HAMAS.

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