Insane or Ignorant? You Decide

Mohammad Abu TirWorld Net Daily has excerpts of an interview with Mohammad Abu Tir, Hamas’ number two man. And Mohammad has some real news for a change, instead of his usual tirades:

United States churches are secretly run by Jews who converted to Christianity with the intention of controlling religious Americans including President Bush, a top Hamas official claims.

“Even the churches where the Americans pray are led by Jews who were converted to Christianity, but they were converted to keep controlling the Americans…”

Well, that certainly explains the yarmulkes I’ve seen atop a few monsignors of late. And how about that white skullcap the Pontiff wears?

Is there anyone more powerful than a Jew? I’ll bet Superman was circumcised before he even landed on Earth. After all, Superbaby’s father was named Jor-El. Does that sound Biblical or what?

But wait – there’s more:

“I made a study and I know very well that all this radicalism in some parts of the Christianity, [including] the Anglicans who are being led by Bush, is because of the control of Zionists,” said Abu Tir.

The Hamas official, famous for his orange-dyed beard, went on to accuse “Zionists” of controlling Western media organizations and “leading terrorism inside the mass communications media.”

Bush is an Anglican?? Could’ve fooled me.

Of course Abu Tir is the same dude who tried to poison Israeli water supplies and spent twenty-five years in the slammer for his terrorist activities…so maybe he’s not the most objective of reporters.

On the other hand, he’s not much more outrageous than much of the brainstem media here. And he has that entertaining orange beard that he dyes with henna. Only Allah knows why.

Wait a minute! This guy thinks Anglicans are radical? Why? Because they can’t wait to join the other mainline churches’ divest-from-Israel schemes? Talk about biting the hands that feed you. If it weren’t for the useful idiots in the EU and the American churches, Palestine would be but a memory.

Which is why the national churches get not one shekel from me.

Hat tip: Barcepundit.

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  1. Dympha:
    Geez even Norway has cut off funding the Authourity.
    How about metaphysically evil? Hamas’ hatred of the Jews isn’t some unhinged psychopathology but evil in a near chemical purity.
    There’s someting deeply creepy with this hatred like an emptyness that deeper than any abyss and darker than any blackhole

  2. canadiangoose beat me to that observation. He looks like he’s ready to lead the St Patrick’s Day parade.

    He needs to get his facts staight. Doesn’t he know the International Jeweish COnspiracy (IJC) is just a catspaw for the Masons and the Illuminati?

    And, of course, the Illuminati actually report to the entheta minions of Xenu, ruler of the Galactic Confederacy.

  3. It is possible to study something and still get it wrong. No one here seems to be particularly grounded in Christian denominations or politics. So let me share my core dump of what I believe to be true.

    Bush is Episcopalian. The Episcopol and Anglican church are joined at the hip. If you have followed the gay marriage issue, you would have learned this. The Anglican church has or is about to part company with the Episcopalians. I need to use shorthand here. The E’s elected a gay minister to lead their flock. This has caused a near split that has not quite resolved itself yet, I believe, in the E church hierarchy. Now, even though the Anglicans are pretty liberal. You’ll see in a moment, they are aghast at the E’s electing a gay minister to head them.

    That the Anglicans are radical from a Christian perspective is not far fetched. First, there are elements of the Anglican church that have questioned the divinity of Christ. Some of the strongest expressions of this idea have been voiced from Anglican pulpits. Imagine the wry smiles of other Christians when the main Anglican church in England was struck by lightning.

    Moreover, in my own spiritual travails over my faith and other faiths, it was an Anglican minister who gave me the most comforting interpretation that smoothed over my conflicts and perceived contradictions. The same could not be said for an encounter with a Baptist or a Methodist. A Congregationalist (my background) would say “Yeah, yeah, here drink some more Holy Wine and play that guitar again. Let’s party, dude!”

    Most Jews do not accept the divinity of Christ – that has kinda been a historical problem running on for a couple thousand years now, I believe.

    Red Beard there is muddling the spread of liberal memes into otherwise conservative institutions with Jews secretly taking over them.

    Red Beard may be an avid student, but he needs a better teacher to keep him on track.

    So, I’m going to stir the pot here a little by taking a moment to offer sympathy for the (minor) devil.

    He’s the evil twin of Wyle E. Coyote who can never quite seem to catch that roadrunner. Now, he’s gotten to the point where his mind is beginning to go because he just cannot understand how it is that he and the other coyotes, who vastly outnumber the roadrunners, have failed, failed again, and failed so bad that their situation gets worse instead of better.

    So Wyle E. Coyote decides there must be something else going on outside of all those clever and diabolical traps they lay.

    The deeper problem though is that his blustering is only a continuation of what has gone on since all that Zionist Brotherhood stuff came out, when? 1910?

    Anyway, I still see the politics of that region as leading inevitably to two states. The Arab Israelis are outbreeding the Jewish Israelis, so it is only a matter of time before the most basic principle of democracy, one-man-one-vote, will overturn the Jewish state. Since that can’t be allowed to happen, there has to be a Palestinian state. Red Beard’s bluster aside, their election is yet another first step in the direction of Arab democracy to replace the Red Beards – eventually.

  4. Yes, he’s quite mad.

    Of course that doesn’t stop the world’s foreign service types from falling over themselvess to find a back channel way to fund the Hamas led PA:

    ‘To date, Western governments have limited their response to Hamas’s rise to power to endless debates and statements regarding their desire to create mechanisms that will allow them to continue to give the Palestinians billions of dollars a year and to maintain their official ties with the Hamas-led PA through the office of PA President Mahmoud Abbas. Exemplifying this trend last week were Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and US President George W. Bush. On election night, Olmert entreated Abbas to open negotiations with Israel.

    In an address last Wednesday, Bush said, “I weep about the suffering of the Palestinians,” while maintaining that the “US government has got aid that goes directly to people. And I know that we’ll continue to call upon governments in the region to support the Palestinian people.”

    At base, the Western world’s desperate search for a way to give the Palestinians its money shows two things about the West. First it shows that Western governments from Washington to Paris to Jerusalem understand that Hamas is not the same as Fatah.’

  5. bioqubit–

    Get a google. Bush is our third Methodist President. His own United Methodist Church has excoriated him for the Iraqi war and have divested themselves of stock in any Israeli company.

    Bush I is an Episcopalian. W broke with a long family tradition when he joined his wife’s church.

    I know more about Christian denominations than you do, bub. American relgious history is one of my interests.

    I also am aware that ECUSA — the Episcopal Church in the USA — considers itself part of the worldwide Anglican communion. The Presiding Bishop will retire this year at General Convention, deo gratias. He disgraced himself the week following 9/11 when he said he was “ashamed to be an American.”

    Originally, way back when “Episcopalians” first landed here, they were C of E. and bishops had to return to England for investiture. That transmuted into the Church of Virginia, which held more or less the same position in the Commonwealth of VA that the C of E did with England.

    Now. From your exalted position of grand poobah, want to argue Canon Law? Let’s talk about Canon IX (Episcopal Dioces of So. VA), one of my favorite pieces of ecclesial legislation.

    Or maybe Catholic canon law? I like the Pauline convention myself. And the Impediments to a Valid Marriage make for interesting reading.

    Anyway, Bush was raised an Episcopalian, but they differ from Catholics is several regards, one of them being that there is no such thing as “once an Episcopalian, always an Episcopalian.” He done left the sinking ship, many years ago.

    My “core dump” on Christian denominations is larger than yours, B. And it’s probably radioactive. So take your info elsewhere. I ain’t very Christian when confronted with someone who wants to condescend to me.

  6. This is a 1937 alert brought to you from the land of objective reality…

    When you are taught the “Stone and the Tree” for 1400 years what do you expect?

    Just substitute KKK for these Muslim-Brothehood-Sayd Qutb freakazoids, and their Khomeinist well circling mahdi wishing delusionary pals, and suddenly it will all make sense.

    The only difference between the ignorance these complete racist morons preach and what the KKK believed is that these current bigots RUN NATIONS.

    We should all take heed of the last time racists got control of nations, and married their industrial might to bigotry.

    These people are not ‘mad’, they’re just your average grand kleagle.

  7. A lot of people may think Bush is an “anglican” becuase he attends an Episcopal church – but just about every president has attended that church – it’s right next door, and teh Secret Service is comortable with it. Bill C. (a Baptist by background) went there when he wasn’t showboating into some black church with his 10-pound bible in his hand. And Hill, of course, although she is a Methodist (a more typical one than Bush).

    On the other other hand, Bush was brought up Episcopalian – just what you would expect from an old-line yankee aristocrat – but he adopted Laura’s Methodist faith.

  8. Dymphna,

    I do not pretend to know more than you. I do observe that few of the posts have dwelled on Christian denominations. That’s what I was commenting on in the previous post.

    In fact, I welcome your corrections. Though, we can see this stuff about E. vs. Methodist for Bush I and II gets a little muddled. Raised E., turned Methodist, yet attends an E. church? That might confuse a few people.

    My other point was that Red Beard has clearly studied Christian groups and probably even from a philosophical perspective, but, understandably still has it screwed up.

    This discussion also raises a question about how clear the various U.S. denominations are on understanding the threat from the likes of Red Beard.

    Still the basic point is correct: There has clearly been a leftward drift in parts of many denominations in the country.

  9. Dymphna

    Thanks for saving me the trouble of pointing out that Bush is a Methodist. He sort of reminds of a great great … uncle who was a Methodist minister. It seems he was hung in effigy from the steeple of his own church – a clear sign from God he was doing a good job. Does Cindy S realize she is confirming to the President that he is on the right course?

    But I was wondering, if the Jews are as powerful as Abu Tir suggests, why does Hamas still exist?

  10. bioqubit –I wish you were right, that the mainline churches were undergoing a “leftward drift.” More like a lemming-leap off the damn cliff. They’re amazing in their economic ignorance, their hubris, and their deafness. And none more so than the Episcopalian church…

    Also see Wally Ballou for why presidents attend St. John’s, no matter what religion they are: it’s right across the street and no sweat for the Secret Service.

    hank_f_m Just another clever Jooish plot. They really run Hamas, see, and they’re just trying to build up sympathy for Israel. It’s working, right??

  11. This just in! Christianity’s founder was a JEW! That’s right–Jesus Christ himself supposedly adhered to Jewish tenets and laws while he was alive. He was even an Israeli citizen!
    Now how’s THAT for sinister? Thank Hamas for pointing out our sins before they damned us all to hell!

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