More on the “Hit and Run” at UNC

Athena, who blogs at Terrorism Unveiled, sent her fellow anti-jihad bloggers a note this morning:

I went to Chapel Hill this weekend (for the UNC-Duke game – which was spectacular by the way) and I found out information that’s not in the mainstream media about the attack by Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar on my campus.


Not mentioned in the media is that he was a frequent pot smoker and heavy drinker, that he tried to pledge a fraternity and was kicked out, and the financial status of his family. My significant other is Iranian and lives in Chapel Hill (graduated the same year as Mohammed) and doesn’t know this guy, which is odd because most Persians know each other – indicating this guy is a real recluse, which corroborates statements from fraternity brothers I spoke with.

She has a lot more information on last Friday’s SUV-For-Allah attack. I don’t want to give all her goodies away; you’ll have go over to her post to get all the background on the alleged perp.

It looks like the guy was genuinely a lone and silent Allah-maddened weirdo, but we shall see.

Also, The Daily Tar Heel website has a lot of details on the story.

One thought on “More on the “Hit and Run” at UNC

  1. Allah maddened dope smoking loner he may have been but that is part of the problem now.

    Every deranged, socially unpopular or financially stressed Muslim in
    the world now has a modus operandi they can use. Terrorism.

    An Egyptian immigrant limo driver in Los Angeles can go to a ticket counter and shoot people.

    A divorced cashiered Army sergeant
    picks up a rifle and becomes the DC

    A British ex con is recruited to put explosives in his shoes and detonate them on an airplane.

    An Egyptian airline pilot, good job, seemingly well integrated person shrieks Allahu Akhbar and
    dives his passenger laden plane into the Atlantic killing all on board

    Common thread… Islamania

    We were just lucky this Iranian freak was so incompetent. The next
    one, and there will be another one,
    may not be.

    We have come to the point where the
    religion of Islam has become a cult
    that attracts sickos and incites them to acts of mayhem.

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