Changing the Tune

The Joy of Knitting, an Italian blogger whose English is so perfect you’d swear you were reading an expatriate’s musings, has an excellent proposal:

What if PC meant practically cretinous instead of politically correct? It sounds better in Italian — praticamente cretino — but there you are. Can’t have everything.

Hey, this could catch on! As in “Daily Kos” is praticamente cretino.


5 thoughts on “Changing the Tune

  1. Come on, exile, can’t you give us the French version? You’re using the conservative college senior’s form.

    We need some creativity here!

    Anyone have the Yiddish?

  2. Oh, my dear madame, I would not dare to bandy words with an etymologist!
    Besides this, one can’t really use the initials PC in French, can one?
    Knowing the french, (but not speaking their language), they probably call it “CP”.

    Feel free to correct me!!

  3. In French “politically correct” is “politiquement correct” and “practically cretinous” is “pratiquement crétin“. The acronym “PC” stands for “Parti communiste” (more commonly referred to as “PCF”, “Parti communiste français“).

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