9 thoughts on “Yoicks! I Wish I Could Read Dutch!

  1. I still don’t have a translation, sorry. I hate not being able to translate things, especially if they’re in a Germanic language. This is one of the Scandinavian languages. Well, not Icelandic. Seems to be Danish, but possibly dialect or impression of a middle easterner speaking Danish.

    I’ll get it. I have an approximation, but I’m missing the nuances.

  2. Nice one Pastorius!! Here is what my partner Herwulf came up with:

    “It’s either Danish or Norwegian, but these two are so alike that I can
    hardly see the difference.

    Mo siger: dhimmi oppe jer knucklehead,
    eller jeg vil banke jeres hindre ned af.

    “Mo says: dhimmi on you knucklehead,
    or I will hit your (hinder/obstruction) below (of/from/by)”

    The second sentence is hard to translate, but I think it has something to do
    with kicking someone’s butt or private parts LOL”

    I don’t mean to obsess, but you sprang a quote on someone who studies obsessively Comparative Germanic linguistics, past and present. I go crazy if I cannot translate. Absolutely nuts. Herwulf does the same thing, actually. We met regarding linguistics, not politics, oddly enough.

    That 2nd sentence is troublesome. “hindre” can also mean “disturb” or “bother”. We need a Dane on this one.

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