Gratias Plena, Iris

Oh, every once in awhile, when you’re just going along thinking of nothing in particular, out of the blue — a gift. A real gift for no reason at all. Just like that, poof! Here you are!

So it was recently. A reader, obviously noting the drool marks on my post about Scandinavian goodies, took pity on me and sent —oh, so graciously sent — a gift certificate to buy some Danish goodies at Amazon.

And guess what they had: pâté ! Made in Denmark, no less.

In generations gone by, my paternal ancestors owned Donnelly’s in Ireland. I’m told it was famous for its ham and sausages and pork goods. Members of the family went to Denmark to learn how to make it correctly. As a result they prospered.

Zip pâté!And now I have my very own Danish pâté, to share or not…as luck would have it, my doctor wants me to eat lots of protein and suggested canned meat and fish.

Iris must have been listening, because up popped that blue Amazon gift card on my screen. As one of my favorite theologians is fond of saying, “isn’t God wonderful?” (to which, when I had said it once too often, the Baron’s Boy replied, “sometimes He is, sometimes He isn’t).

Thank you, Iris. And my doctor thanks you. And the Baron thinks you’re cool.