Build Submission With Lego!

Build submission with Lego!

This is hilarious. I have no idea where it originated, but I got it at The Lone Voice.

Do you suppose the Lego people have a sense of humor?

Update: Reader DC writes from the Netherlands to say that the Mohammed/Lego image was originally posted on a Dutch blog called Retecool.

WARNING to readers who are easily offended, or have weak stomachs, or are averse to grotesque images, or are from The Common Room: you may not want to click this link to Retecool.

However, I found many highly amusing Mohammed cartoons there. The sight gags were clear, but the jokes in Dutch were hard to make out.

12 thoughts on “Build Submission With Lego!

  1. Shellback-

    I’m not sure why this humorous use of a Danish product is a reductio ad absurdum. Unless we decide that most humor falls under that category?

    I think it’s great and a good reason to buy lots and lots of Leggo people and a few brown magic markers for the beards.

    This guy has a cosmic sense of humor.

  2. Dymphna,

    Good catch. I left out the “ad”, meaning “towards”. My point, poorly made (partly due to having taken Greek instead of Latin)is that this cartoon business is taking its natural course in spiraling down “towards” the absurd. Not because of the Legos, which are naughty and quite amusing, but because of the Iranians coming out and saying they should publish Holocaust cartoons in retaliation (and you saw that cartoon of Hitler and Anne Franke). Then the West fires back by generating more “sacreligious” imagery to taunt the Muslims, and so on. This is warfare through cartoons, and among civilized societies you would not have rioting and the burning of buildings.

    That is my objective view of things. But my subjective view is that the Muslims have tipped their collective hand, so to speak, about what this is really all about – the supremacy of Islam. The real absurdity here is that Muslims demand of an outside world that of which they themselves are incapable of giving. It’s inherent in the teachings of Islam.

    So we will have greater frictions, escalation in tensions, and violence, particularly when the West fights back by simply being what it is: A collection of societies that have have relatively free presses and the free exchange of ideas.

    If the West self-censors over this, we are finished, so I say bring on all the cartoons and riducule we can muster.

  3. Shellback–

    That is a nodal point — or two of them. First, we do have a fairly free press and a free-wheeling sense of the ridiculous. Otherwise, the Left couldn’t make Cowboy/Hitler references about Bush without causing mayhem and the Right couldn’t draw those caricatures of Michael Moore…hmm, why hasn’t he beheaded anyone? Maybe sitting next to Jimmy Carter was symbolic, huh?

    The only ones who will self-censor are the Left, because they actually believe in that rot. They are the ones behind p.c. speak and questionable thinking about gender differences (or sameness) and tantrums about free speech for themselves and silence for everyone else.

    They have that arrogance in common with the fulminating Muslims who decry the foibles of the West and ignore their own. BTW, notice that the best the Iranians can do is re-shuffle Nazi cartoons that are already widely available anyway.

    Islam has so stifled its adherents that it seems to cause cognitive deficits. Look at the Persians; they invented chess for heaven’s sake. They respect education and yet they sit squarely atop each person’s head, preventing them from thinking for themselves.

    This is unfortunately nothing new. Iran didn’t allow the printing press into the country until the 1840’s and then it was only to be used to print Korans.

  4. Hmm… I just saw that update by the Baron…

    How about the “selective” folks at The Common Room?

    Or, how about the squeamish Dymphna who will go screaming from the room? The Baron is not even permitted to tell me news stories unless they have happy endings…no way.

  5. After visiting the Retecool link, I rest easier [peace be upon their collective heads while they are still attached to their unsinged, collective shoulders, if you catch my drift].

    Our European brethren are keeping the flame of ridicule burning brightly. But you are right – viewing that site is NOT for the squeamish or for those easily offended about things worth being offended about [and half my kingdom for a Dutch-English dictionary!]

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