6 thoughts on “A Welcome Break from Jihad

  1. Nice pix, Baron (although you can’t see the moat or the turrets in that view).

    It was great here too. Hullah and I took a walk down the driveway before all the snow fell off the trees to assess our difficulties in getting out. Looks like we won’t have any problems. Phooey – I’d love an excuse to be snowed in for a few days.

  2. I thought the Baronial Estate was in Virginia, not near Moscow… Brrrrrr

    We have sunny blue skies here today, but in the 40’s this morning. Even this is too cold for me ! El Jefe is definitely a tropical plant.

  3. The whole damn northern hemisphere is getting snowed in, but merry england, traditionally wet at this time of year, is in the middle of a drought. I could weep…

  4. Where are the baronial serfs who must clear away the snow with spoons? That’s what we have here at our demesne in the event snow collects on the property. Usually the peasants are able to blow and wave snowflakes away before they alight on the grounds.

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