Wish We Had the Same Thing for Tookie

It turns out that Roger Coleman was guilty of rape and murder in 1982 after all.

He adamantly maintained his innocence up until the moment of execution in 1992, and gathered a gaggle of the usual suspects to promote his “cause.” Since his death they’ve been tireless in promoting his innocence.

Governor Warner arranged to give them what they wanted: proof. Now it turns out they were wrong. Do you think think their faces will be red? Do you think they’ll be any less shrill with the next one?

As Michael Paranzino, president of Throw Away the Key, said

     Stop the presses: it turns out that rapists and killers are also liars. Roger Keith Coleman, like every killer on death row, professed his innocence until the very moment he took his last breath. The only problem was, prominent liberals fell for Coleman’s lies hook, line and sinker. New DNA tests released today show that the likelihood that the DNA found in the victim was not Coleman’s would be 1 in 19 million. In short, Coleman was a killer. Everyone who said otherwise was dead wrong.

Is there a sample of DNA left from Tookie Williams’ little spree back in the ’70s…?

5 thoughts on “Wish We Had the Same Thing for Tookie

  1. No. But they do have striker marks on the shotgun shell that proved Tookie’s shotgun murdered 4 people. Oh, and there are plenty of witness to Tookie’s deed.

    Truth, who needs them when you can just scream whatever you want?

  2. How can you be sayin this about Tookie, a veritable Gandhi of our times ? What are four people next to his message of peace, non-violence, tolerance and diversity ? Tookie, put to death by the ravening hordes of George Bush ! We’ll treasure our martyrs always…

    Did I mention Moonbat Friday is on again ?

  3. I read the response by the DA’s office that prosecuted Tookie to his clemency petition. The evidence was devastating to old Tookie, who has now gone on to his great reward. No DNA was necessary–and as we saw in the case of OJ, you can still get away with murder if you are a celebrity even with DNA evidence.

  4. One in nineteen million means that there are fifteen possible real killers roaming the US right now. And still no hope of justice for the wrongly-executed Coleman.

    We have to find and arrest these 15 suspects. Then, we must protest their arrests as being without probable cause.

    It’s funny how such moral purity leaves me feeling somehow… dirty.

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