The Silence Is Deafening

UPDATE: a commenter here says he’s received about fourteen thousand death threats since putting his Mohammed comics online. That’s an awful lot of fear loose in the world. Imagine being that thin-skinned.

The Brussels Journal continues to carry forward an important story which the MSM continues to avoid most studiously. It is difficult to find mention anywhere of the on-going and almost-universal p.c. pressure on Denmark to stifle free speech by making their leading newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, Take Back The Cartoons.

     Unlike the mainstream media, who (apart from Denmark) are not interested in the case, we think it is very important for the future of Europe.

The full weight of Muslim outrage is being brought to bear on Denmark for refusing to bow to Islam:

     An influential Islamic organisation, the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), has called upon its 51 member states to boycott Denmark unless the Danish government “presents an official apology for the drawings that have offended the world’s Muslims.” Last Thursday, the foreign ministers of the 22 members of the Arab League also expressed their dissatisfaction with the Danish government. They demand that the Danish government change its attitude. So far Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has consistently refused to interfere, saying that his government has no power over what the media do.

The Danes are a breath of fresh air in Europe, one of the few remaining Old World countries with any spine.

Since September, a predictable variety of outraged Islamists have delivered official nastygrams from dozens of countries, have vilified Denmark publicly and officially, have ginned up the populace into hysterical temper tantrums, threatened boycotts and generally acted as though they have the leverage and the muscle to do anything to a country (some of) whose citizens acted in way that they found offensive. Predictably the UN has put in its grossly inflated two cents’ worth, and like foreign service officers everywhere, a group of retired Danish diplomats sent a stern letter to the Prime Minister.

This kind of supremely ignorant hubris would be funny if it were not potentially so lethal. But when you have Islamic countries (Islamic democracy seems to be an oxymoron) led by the ignorant or the psychologically unstable, it raises concern for the future of a free press anywhere, especially given the Euro attraction to the hideously malformed — whether it be aesthetics or ethics or philosophy. Islam demands that Europe commit suicide and many are only too happy to oblige.

Can you imagine the Queen of England saying the things that the Queen of Denmark has? Poor England is slipping into dhimmitude a little more each day whilst noisily proclaiming it is doing no such thing. Meanwhile, Denmark quietly and firmly grasps its first principles, refusing to let go.

Thank God for Denmark.

5 thoughts on “The Silence Is Deafening

  1. Judging by the birthrate in Europe and level of courage displayed by typical Europeans, all non-muslim males born in european hospitals are castrated at birth.

    eunuchs are very fashionable among europeans and europhiles.

  2. I can certainly imagine her saying them in private, but there’s this annoying political establishment over here that’s itching for any excuse they can find to declare some sort of revolution and chuck her out.

    Now, I realise that a lot of you would see that as a good thing. In other circumstances, I might agree, though I’m still a monarchist at heart. The problem at the moment is that the removal of HMQ qould leave the labour party in charge of the country without *any* check against their power. You see, unlike the Danish monarchy, the British monarchy still has executive powers. The Queen can dissolve parliament, refuse assent to bills and do a lot of other things besides. She hasn’t used those powers for a long time, largely (presumably) because of bad advice she was given in the 1960s, in the appointment of a Prime Minister, and now I think she might be afraid of using her powers again. I hope she does, though, because if that snot Charles is on the throne before we’re out of the EU and reasonably on our way to removing the Islamic threat, we’re screwed.

  3. Yes, thank heavens for Denmark. This is the sort of thing that is much needed around the world: a principled stand on an important issue that will be difficult for western liberals to cavil about. It is so important that people in civil society take stands like this, and it is a shame that more attention is not being paid. Has the NYT written anything about this, or is it off their radar screen?

    I think my next trip to Europe should maybe include a stop in Denmark.

  4. The last news about this thing are:
    A recent storm over cartoons published in a leading Danish newspaper which some Muslims saw as blasphemous has prompted a Cairo-based Muslim interfaith organisation to stage a one-day conference in Denmark in March to address “the ignorant and inflammatory portrayal of Islam in the media”. The conference also aims to provide the Muslim minority in Denmark with support, Fadel Soliman, head of the conference’s organiser, Bridges Foundation, told the website
    The speakers include British journalist and Muslim convert Yvonne Ridley, who made headlines in September 2001 when she was captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan while working for London’s Daily Express, and held hostage for 11 days.

    I think that news are very important because of the ongoing pressure over Danish Government. I do not know if they are going to succeed but in any case they are trying.

    And the letter of the Muslim Canadian in The Brussels Journal is amazing.

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