The Danish Food Fight

Gates of Vienna has been tagged by The Adventuress to discuss the latest details on the Islamicists’ tantrum regarding those Danish cartoons of Mohammed.

The beat goes on. Defeated in court, but still pissy and hypersensitive, the so-called moderate imams from Denmark have been touring the Middle East, spreading lies about Denmark and how Muslims are treated there.

Saudi BoycottThese sore losers, who don’t blink an eye at practicing taqiyya if it gets them what they want, have now instigated a boycott of Danish goods. One company which distributes Danish products, Arla Foods, has information on events in Saudi Arabia. There, the Danish Embassy’s website has posted a letter from the Ambassador. Newspapers in Saudi Arabia have refused to publish it, though they did allow a paid advertisement to be run which displayed the letter.

The amounts of money involved in this imbroglio are not insignificant:

Arla’s turnover in the Middle East is DKK 2.6 billion annually – of which DKK 1.2 billion derives from Saudi Arabia. The company employs a workforce of 1,000 in the region.

And all this brouhaha over some cartoons of Mohammed which the Jyllands-Posten had the nerve to publish.

Every day, Muslims in the Middle East kill, maim, and steal from the small remnant of Christians still alive there. But so what? How does the trivial affair of the deaths of infidel children compare with blasphemous cartoons of Mohammed?

This Islamic tantrum has been going on since September, when the government refused to intervene and punish the Danish newspaper. The pressure on the Danish prime minister by various factions, including his government’s own retired foreign service officers, has continued unabated. And still the government holds firm to its principles of free speech.

The Brussels Journal has kept this issue on the front burner. The MSM in America, of course, has ignored it while stories of what Alito did or didn’t say, do or think since he came of age have taken up all the ink and air time:

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen is shocked at the way in which some Muslims are misrepresenting Denmark in the Islamic world. “I am speechless that those people, whom we have given the right to live in Denmark and where they freely have chosen to stay, are now touring Arab countries and inciting antipathy towards Denmark and the Danish people,” Rasmussen told journalists yesterday.

Rasmussen was responding to the recent visits by certain imams, Muslim intellectuals and representatives of Danish Muslim organizations who toured a number of Muslim countries to “explain” the Danish cartoon affair to local political and religious leaders and media. The affair started last September when the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published 12 cartoons of Muhammad.

Are you wondering why we are being treated to this hyperbole by the mad imams from Denmark? The Astute Blogger offers an explanation:

The controversial Jyllands-Posten cartoons were published in September. Er um… that’s FIVE (5) months ago! SO: Why is this coming to a head NOW?


The Adventuress, Dhimmi Watch, and many others are urging people to counter the Muslim tantrums.

Rosenborg Brand Buy Danish foods. My favorite is the Rosenborg brand of cheeses. There is an especially nice one, little cubes of bleu or feta cheese packed in oil with herbs and spices. You can use the cheese in salads — and dig at the bottom of the jar for some of the herbs to season the greens. If you look closely at the image you can see the hexagonal jar way over on the right.

The Astute Blogger is somewhat more ferocious in his approach:

Denmark will not be cowed. Danes are not like the French or the Spanish. Danes are brave and true. In fact, 80% of the Danes oppose any capitulation to the Arab Muslims on this issue – and their parliament just voted to INCREASE their troops presence in Iraq! Even as Libya and other Arab Muslim nations withdraw their ambassadors and threaten a boycott of all Danish goods.

The Free World ought to boycott the Arab Muslim nations who boycott Denmark. The Danish shipping lines – two of the biggest in the world – ought to stop carrying Arab Muslim goods or shipping in or out of Arab Muslim nations which are boycotting them.

We should let the intolerant, belligerent, xenophobic, misogynistic, cousin-marrying, honor-killing, freedom-hating, racist, genocidal Arab Muslim maniacs EAT SAND AND DRINK THEIR EFFIN’ OIL!

Ummm…Mr. A. Blogger seems to have amassed a rather inclusive list of Arab Muslim traits there. At least I can’t think of any further attributes to add.

Oh, yes, there is one small personality quirk: they lie like rugs. In fact, they lie like prayer rugs. And the buggers consider it a virtue, for heaven’s sake.

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And now I have to choose five more victims participants for this distributive information defense. Let’s see…

1. Neo-Neocon
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5. New Victorian

If you see ’em before I do, let them know, would you? It can be difficult to dig out the email address for some of the sites.

16 thoughts on “The Danish Food Fight

  1. Mr. A. Blogger seems to have amassed a rather inclusive list of Arab Muslim traits there. At least I can’t think of any further attributes to add.

    You both forgot buggery. A propensity for sex with pre-adolescent boys.

    But I guess Pastorius and I covered that one thoroughly enough in the earlier thread…

  2. Baron,

    You neglected to read the last sentence of the main essay, before I listed the tags.

    Oh, yes, there is one small personality quirk: they lie like rugs. In fact, they lie like prayer rugs. And the buggers consider it a virtue, for heaven’s sake.

    I guess I was just subtle, huh

  3. I noticed in a related article on the BBC website that now the Arab countries are trying a new tactic to get the UN to step in. The last paragraph of the article reads:

    “Meanwhile pan-Arab organisations have begun efforts to reach a UN resolution, backed by possible sanctions, to protect religions from insults. “

    I’m not really worried that the UN is going to become the world-wide insult police, but it does show the determination of these Islamist enemies of freedom. They are trying every tactic they can think of. Thank God that there are still people like the Danes in Europe holding firm.

  4. hey guys
    Nice blog 🙂
    I know what you mean about them killing and maiming what remais of the Middle Eastern Christians….I am one of those ME Christians. Come over and visit my blog some time, there you can see a tiny sample of what we have to endure…and they’re worried about a cartoon!!!

  5. OK, perhaps I spoke too soon when I said I wasn’t worried about the UN becoming the world’s insult police. I didn’t realize the extent that political correctness was reaching even with out closest allies. Another article from the BBC address Q&A about the proposed “Religous Hatred Law” there. Here is their somewhat disturbing description of the law (italics mine):

    “The proposal would essentially extend the concept of the UK’s race hate laws to cover belief; it would become illegal to knowingly use words or behaviour which are threatening, insulting or abusive in a way that stirs up hatred against an individual because of what they believe.”

    Under this law, would a British newspaper be able to publish the type of cartoons that the Danes did without fear of government prosecution? I think it likely the Islamists could make a good enough case in court that it would act as a brake on legitimate freedom of expression. The risk of lawsuits must be taken into account by publishers.

    The road to hell truly is paved with good intentions.

  6. Zombie has set up an archive of the cartoons, see Marie Malkin’s site for the address.

    Just got back home for a week and drove over to Solvang CA, the Danish themed community. Luckily, I’m on the high protein, very low carb diet so I came back with lot’s of Havarti cheese and Danish butter. No butter cookies and just a little rodgrod med flode, homemade in this case, not imported.

    I wasn’t the only one. the place I buy my Danish goodies says they’re having a real run on Danish imports and not all locals. The stack of butter cookie tins (forbidden, sob) is lower than I’ve ever seen it.

    Next time I’m there I’ll put a few tins in the back for my Coptic friends here. They’re refugees from the ROP in Egypt.

    On travel and web bereft for another month.

  7. Dymphna:
    Lemme ask you this: How about the west organize its own boycott? No more prancing prince heading off to their chalets in Marbella or gambling in Monaco. No airline flights from the Mideast? No more tourism, no more contracts, no more stduent visas?
    The money we currently give these regimes, transfer it to the Christians; they need an independent source of financing to withstand Islamist pressures and the Christians are honest.

    Don’t forget another trait: the intense obligation to live in fantasy, behave in an overly theatrical manner and the refusal to confront reality. A defeat is always a victory. Their poverty is a conspiracy etc.

  8. I intended to boycott Arab goods (at least non-oil products, oil being fungible). Then I realized they don’t actually make anything else.

  9. as a muslim blogger i appreciate that you are enunciating your concerns in a rational and coherent manner. that is often lost in the debate between the east and the west. on the whole i affiliate myself with western values so i dont have much of a problem with your opinions, except if they turn polemic. so far, great job on avoiding that. i can tell you guys have social justice concerns in mind as opposed to rancorous ones.

    on my blog we had/having a huge debate on the danish thing. too much temper on either ‘side.’ hopefully it’ll go away soon. anyhow, check me out when you get a chance. i added you to my blogroll.

  10. Everyday for more than 1350 years, in the name of Islam, individuals and Muslim groups have insulted, humiliated, harmed and killed non-Muslims. Yet not one apology has ever passed their lips. The idea that they demand an apology for the drawing of cartoons is absurd and hypocritical.

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