Islamic Asylum-Seekers in Germany

Camp for German asylum-seekersThe Global War on You Know Who has done a fascinating first-hand investigative report on Islamic asylum-seekers in Germany. The intrepid blogger ST ventured into the “camps” the German government provides for Muslim immigrants awaiting decision on their status. It may be called a “camp”, but it looks like a slum:

     But this is a misnomer. Not only will Germans never again build anything one could call a “camp,” the term implies controlled access, which is entirely absent. The Lebach facility is best described as projects. Located in a residential area of a quiet town, it consists of perhaps twenty two-story apartment buildings with courtyards, a school, and sports fields, covering an area of about four square blocks. Nearby are two Bundeswehr (German army) installations. We spotted a police cruiser doing a quick patrol as we arrived, and noticed that local Germans, out for their traditional Sunday afternoon walk, did not stray into the neighborhood.

ST wandered around taking photos and arousing the ire of the residents until the situation became alarming.

The situation described seems tailor-made for importing terrorists into the heart of Europe:

     The German government (actually, the 16 state governments) maintain 31 more such ghettoes throughout the country. One might be tempted to criticize officials for housing people in such crapulence, or the people who live there for creating it. However, the critical issue is egress. Residents are not yet legal immigrants, but random people who showed up at a German airport and asked for asylum. From there, while their applications are processed (and their rent and food provided by taxpayers) they can melt away into the population at any time. And thanks to Europe’s open borders, they can disappear not just in Germany, but to anywhere in the EU. Like Madrid.
Thus, Europe is only as secure as its weakest link. This is not to say that a uniform EU policy would solve the problem, as the Eurocrats would be likely to impose something resembling Germany’s system on all of Europe.
The upshot is, citizens of First World countries must follow immigration rules and face consequences for breaking them, while Middle Eastern terrorists are exempt, provided they recite a politically correct sob story. This is compassion taken to its illogical extreme, and sadly, the generosity extended to criminals and terrorists is exactly what generates public antipathy towards all asylum-seekers, including those who are genuinely persecuted and want only to live peacefully. Lebach is the symbol of an asylum system that wrongs decent people while rewarding the bad guys, and of a Europe eager to cooperate in its own destruction.

Go on over to GWOYKW and read the rest, and look at the photos. It’s a great job of first-hand reporting.