An American Considers Malmö

A week ago we received an email from a young man inquiring about conditions at the University of Lund in Sweden, which is near Malmö:

     MalmöHi, I’m applying to study abroad at Lund University in Sweden from June to December of this year. I am currently attending UCLA. After reading about all the troubles with Muslim and other immigrants, I am worried, especially since Lund is right next to Malmo. I used to have the “grass is greener on the other side” (other side being Europe, to which I’ve never been) syndrome. But now I’m thinking that my time in Sweden and the rest of Europe might be ruined. What are your thoughts and advice on this?
Your input appreciated,

After I posted on it, a surprising number of comments came in, mostly consisting of an argument among two Swedes and a Norwegian (Fjordman). Luckily for us, it was mostly in English. I recommend a visit to the original post to get the full flavor of the discussion.

Commenters Anders and NoDhimmitude, who are both Swedes, offered conflicting advice to Patrick. Each made him an offer of assistance, which I am reproducing below. I am emailing the same thing to Patrick.

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Anders said…

My initial posting was meant to make Patrick comfortable when he hopefully comes to Lund to study. Others have done their best to draw a picture of Sweden in general and Malmö in particular as a place where mad Arabs rape Swedish women by the thousands.

So, dear Patrick. If you read this (or if anyone who knows his email address would please forward this to him):

When you come to the friendly and lovely town of Lund (and I do hope that you will) let me invite you to a guided tour through Malmö. I can offer you this (and I’m completely serious):

  • A visit to the Mollevang Square area with its many ethnic restaurants and food stores
  • A visit to Rosengard center with many ethnic stores
  • A visit to the Rosengard housing area, the so called slum
  • A visit at a Muslim family’s home to have some Middle East food
  • A visit to the Rosengard school where all the really bad kids go
  • A visit to the big mosque to see the imam
  • A visit to the Rosengard boxing center. If we are lucky we will meet the legendary Senegalese boxing instructor “Dallas”.

Does it sound scary? It isn’t. I can guarantee you that you will be safe.

You’ll get plenty of opportunities the talk to Arabs, Gypsies, Somalis, Bosnians, Turks and so on. You’ll get a chance to ask all sorts of questions, many speak good English.

So what do you say, are you open minded enough to go with me on that guided tour or do you prefer to listen to what others have had to say here?

— Anders

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NoDhimmitude said…

Apart from the fact that you still have not answered any of my questions, I will say that your last post is indeed a gracious invitation.

Lund is of course a very different place and, for students and academics, a quite nice place. Also, you can take the train into Malmö in the summer, go down to Lilla Torg, stay there for the party, then return home again in relative safety.

Having said that, and I would indeed suggest he takes you up on your offer, allow me to give a few advices myself.

Mollevangen: please do enjoy the ethnic food, in fact, close your eyes in the daytime, listen to the sounds, “feel the vibe”, cheapest trip to the ME you will ever get 🙂 and, can be quite nice.

BUT, also, go there late in the evening (NOT ALONE), take a table by the window in one of the pubs there. See, witness. And for God’s sake, don’t look people too long in their eyes…

When you visit the school (and in all fairness, the worst is not Rosengard, but Hermodsdal), do talk to students there as well, especially try and see if you can find Swedish female students, and see how they feel about their environment (Anders: this goes to show about recent articles about blondes actually coloring their hair, as to not be “too Swedish”, as well as all the debates about Swedish girls being called whores).

While in Rosengard, make a point to witness the area, the people, the state of buildings, public transport etc. In fact, you should talk to the local police about their escort of ambulance and firefighters too 🙂

Anders: you have indeed disappointed here, with the exception of the invitation, and I must say it is seldom someone has put more words in my mouth, belied my arguments, and avoided to answer basically any fact, figure, or direct question. You should consider this.

I have not, nor has Fjordman, described Malmö in those terms that you ascribe to us, but we have not, unlike you, tried to diminish the truth, the statistics, and the general feeling among young people in Malmö. You should actually know that, yet you persist in your “I know better then you…” attitude.

It is in fact precisely because of people like yourself, that the current state of affairs in Malmö and other cities have been allowed to come to be unchecked for so long, and the problems escalating the way they have (again, facts, figures, stats). It is sad, but it is never the less true.

Final note again: Anders, you have NOT answered any questions basically. But I have no expectations that you ever will. Your denial will most likely last until someone you care about enters the statistics him/her self. Sad that such a heavy price must be paid for what should be plain for the naked eye to see.

So I, one in your words racist Nazi (who’s labelling who again?) will just let you continue your delusion, but I will not let your lies go unanswered when I see them. 🙂

8 thoughts on “An American Considers Malmö

  1. ” A visit at a Muslim family’s home to have some Middle East food
    A visit to the Rosengard school where all the really bad kids go
    A visit to the big mosque to see the imam
    A visit to the Rosengard boxing center. If we are lucky we will meet the legendary Senegalese boxing instructor “Dallas”.”

    I smell dawa.

  2. just a small note: I am not swedish 🙂 I have indeed lived there, a large part of my family still do (and apart from me, all my other siblings do have a swedish mother).

    I am in fact norwegian (like fjordman). This of course makes no difference for the validity of my observations, references to statistics, or argumentation. But, just wanted to point this out, just in case I one day end up in an argument about norway or oslo 😀

    as for the dawa part, naaah, he (anders) actually only displays all the characteristics of a completly indoctrinated, blinded by the “the one party view” elitist person. Sad? yes. Surprising? No.

  3. ok.. just exactly what does it explain?

    I hate to break it to you, but here a fe points you need to take into consideration:
    a) i speak swedish as a mother language, I did not even learn norwegian until I was 12
    b) as a norwegian, my looks and appearance are practivly indetical to the native swedes
    c) my nationality has very little to do with my observations, fact references etc
    d) I have in fact so far lived in 4 differenct countries, and worked extensively in 3 additional countries. I speak 4 languages daily in my life and work.

    – perhaps you should try it, get out in the world a bit and actually see what is going on??

    I do believe someone needs to get of the party line here, stop looking for excuses, and start dealing with the truth. I know, i know, its hard to get used to it, but in the end, your country is basicly shooting itself in the foot every day, and you, the press, are in these type of questions (freedom of press, conscience, politics, as well as socail questions regarding immigration etc) no more then henchmen to the socialist democratic party..

    but again, do your thing. I really dont care much for ppl like you, hypocrites and liars.

  4. Norway has a reputation for being maybe the most xenofobic country in Europe, manifestated in the succes for the xenofobic Fremskridspartiet in the last general elections, so I can see that you feel at home there. Many Norwegians seem to believe that there is such a thing as a pure Norwegian race and culture (Ein Volk, Ein Stat) which of course is pure nonsense.

  5. your simple attempt of “guilt by association” is pathetic, but not surprising.

    xenofob heh? do you even know which continent i work in at the moment? do you even have a clue as to the nationality of the collegues that is right now, in this moment, sharing my office?

    obviously not.. but, as long as you can portrait anyone who disagrees with “the party line”, or your “pravda”, hey, sure their racists…

    small note: the only time my wife experienced racism (yup, sorry, not norwegian) was in fact in sweden..

    2nd small note: did you know that FrP has more immigrant representaives then LO, AP, SV or SP? you know, some talk the talk, other actually walk the walk…

    final note: you are so blatantly trying to avoid any arguments, facts or figures that have been presented to you in the line of this “discussion”, and all you come up with time and again are personal attacs, namecalling, inuendo…

    tell you what, pull down the hat a bit more, reality have this funny thing of not caring too much of what propagandists say.

  6. “reality have this funny thing of not caring too much of what propagandists say”
    well, thats why most people don’t listen to the likes of you.

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