Freedom for Egyptians Takes on WaPo

Gateway Pundit has a link to further depredations of WaPo. This paper appears to have the integrity of Grima Wormtongue in its approach to “gathering” the news.

Freedom for Egyptians is complaining about a recent WaPo article written by Hala Mustafa, whom the Egyptian blogger claims is from within Mubarak’s regime. The only disclosure by WaPo on the author comes at end of her article saying that the writer is editor of the Al-Ahram Foundation’s quarterly journal al-Dimuqratia (Democracy). We would have to dig pretty far — which I intend to do after I post — to know who or what this person is, but Freedom for Egyptians describes her as “one of the Egyptian regime’s stooges and informers” and claims Mustafa damaged Egypt’s reputation with her “repulsive message.”

If you read the whole article, you come away with the impression that change in Egypt is futile, not because of Mubarak, but because of the omnipresent, omnipowerful security services, which rule everything:

     Even the NDP Policies Committee — established three years ago as the party’s vehicle for reform — could not escape the clutches of the security services, which promoted a group of phony reformers to positions of influence and visibility in a false response to America’s call for political change. Meanwhile, genuine liberal voices were excluded, making reform from within impossible. Such practices are not limited to the highest ranks of the party: Recruitment for all positions is based on loyalty to security authorities rather than merit, qualifications, political background or experience.

The problem Freedom for Egyptians has with this article and its writer is the subtlety of the message, which is defeatist and tells us to shrug our shoulders and walk away. A Gallic shrug, perhaps:

     So the message that this article is trying to send to the Bush Administration, stop trying introducing reform, democracy and freedom because it will be cosmetic because it is the Secret State Security that decides not the US! And if President Bush wants to do anything it can only happen with their consent. But the article did not mention who is running this secret state security so that the US could talk to…or whether they get their share from one billion dollar plus aid that the US pays to Egypt annually!

Freedom for Egyptians is disgusted with WaPo for being so gullible and so dismissive of the crimes in the Middle East:

     It revolts me to see that the Washington Post promoting and giving space to the supporters of tyranny and dictatorship that the Bush Administration is trying to curb their evil. The paper is not helping to build confidence with the Egyptians or Middle Eastern readers but rather causing confusion. I beg the American press to stop hosting tyrannical regimes’ figures and aides!
If the Washington Post does not mind the mass graves found in the Middle East, the lack of freedom and democracy, the continuous violations of human rights, people living under poverty line because of oppression and tyranny, unprivileged peoples, I do not think it supports those who kill the US troops, those who attacked the US in 9/11, kidnappers who slay innocent people from different nationalities, those who terrorize our lives and threaten to blow us anywhere whenever they get a chance.

So, essentially what our blogger is saying is that the Post either (a) didn’t do its own homework in checking out this writer; or (b) doesn’t care.

Imagine there’s no WaPo
It’s easy if you try
No more slimy stories,
No more easy lies…

NOTE: Follow the link to Gateway Pundit (above) to see how they treat women who try to vote. I just couldn’t post that picture. But you ought to see it. Makes us realize how advanced things are in Iraq.

Update: The Gateway Pundit link has been corrected! Many thanks to all who emailed and commented.

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