Terrorism at Georgia Tech?

Does Joel Hinrichs have a copycat at Georgia Tech?

This afternoon, News 11 Atlanta is reporting:

     Three explosive devices found in a courtyard between two Georgia Tech dormitories on the East Campus Monday morning were part of a “terrorist act,” an Atlanta police official said.
One of the devices exploded, injuring the custodian who found them inside a plastic bag. Two others were detonated by a bomb squad.
“It will be a joint investigation between the Atlanta Police Department, the Georgia Tech Police Department, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Every possible lead will be followed,” said Major Moss.
About 100 students were evacuated from the Cloudman and Glenn dormitories, according to school spokeswoman Amelia Gambino.

UPDATE: Latest word is that it’s a student prank. If so, I bet those students are sorry they picked that particular prank.

Hat tip: Jesse Clark.

10 thoughts on “Terrorism at Georgia Tech?

  1. It makes you wonder if all the facts are being reported. In Oklahoma, I remember reading that the bomber might have tried entering the stadium but that was still unclear. I also thought that his roommate was from Pakistan, which to me is a pretty big coincidence. It’s hard to make any conclusions until all facts are known.

  2. It strikes me as odd that three incidents (OU, Georgia Tech, UCLA) involving explosives on or near university campuses have occured in such a short time period. I suppose copy-catting of the OU incident could be to blame, but that story was hardly reported in the mainstream media, so the publicity incentive is not very large. I’m gonna go ahead and predict more of these incidents in coming days and weeks.

    And by the way, thanks for the ‘hat tip’ mention Baron. I’ve been reading your coverage of the OU bombing for a while and I got up this morning and saw the Georgia Tech news and figured you could follow the story. Keep up the good work.

  3. Baron

    OT but not so OT.

    I’m very concerned of the atmosphere of fear that Western society is living in. Individuals, and as a consequence, society as a whole are terrified to question islam in anyway for fear of being murdered or prosecuted for “racism”.

    Our freedom to criticise without fear is now compromised by PCness on the one hand, and fear of being casually murdered by a muslim living on Benefits in our lands. Why are we using cryptic names in our communications on blogs? Why do we deem it as necessary, that we have to hide our identity as if we were spies in WWII Germany?

    Fear is the most disabling emotion in a human or society. It paralyses the mind, then the spirit, and then finally paralyses the body, of individuals or society. The paralysis induced by fear, inevitably leads to death. There is no emotion as deadly to the human condition or society, as fear.

    More on


    We cannot confront islam unless we are able to remove the fear that islam and PC has implanted in our minds.

    I’m posting this around, as this has to be a combined blog effort.


  4. DP111 — you’re quite right about fear. I’m very afraid now, because of what I did last Saturday. I shouldn’t have to be, should I? I drove down a country road & took a photo; that’s all.

    But that’s the way it is.

    The important thing is not to be crippled by fear, and not to let fear keep you from doing what you have to do. I’m trying to live by that.

  5. Why should americans fear the barbarians it has let within its gates? Your government is there to help you, no? It would do nothing to compromise your safety. And certainly your news media would alert you if there was any true danger? Certainly it would, yes? The media would not allow something like political correctness to restrain it in its pursuit of informing the public?

  6. It seems as if it’s more Moronism than Terrorism at Georgia Tech. No TATP here. Only baking soda and vinegar in a 2 or 3 liter soft drink bottle. See an image here showing the post-explosion bomb.

    Apparently Georgia Tech is not getting as high a quality freshmen as in previous years. And yes, I don’t think the FBI is going to find much humor in their prank.

  7. OT, Regarding fear. These days I’m not so much afraid as enraged.

    The deeper I look into the ‘war on Terror’, the angrier I get. Our governments are letting us down, and people are frightened.

    I’m anticipating a knock on the door one day because I do talk openly about what is going on, and I’m always pointing people to jihadwatch and blogs such as this and LGF.

    I recently bought Islam Unveiled, The Sword of the Prophet and the Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades, and they are all out on loan already. I’ll just have to buy them again, I guess. 🙂

    An interesting thing I’ve noticed, is that those most in agreement with the idea that this is to the death are either involved with their churches, or have escaped from living under muslim rule.

    Those of a secular bent tend to lean towards the warm and fuzzy talk of all getting along.

    Until I remind them of Theo Van Gogh, for starters.

    I am damned if my daughter is going to grow up to wear a burkha, and be considered a chattel.

    It’s over my dead body, and I just want them to bring it on.

    /reaches for the valium now!

    Thank you for all of your good work, Baron and Dymphna.

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