More on Jamaat-ul Fuqra in New York

The Politics of CP has turned up information about the Jamaat ul-Fuqra headquarters near Hancock, New York. He includes a newspaper article on the place:

     The entrance to the 70-acre enclave, located 45 miles southwest of Binghamton, includes a small gate and guard shack. A sign welcomes you to Islamberg.
A cluster of trailers serves as a Muslim parochial school, and an old hunting lodge has been turned into a school.
Many of the residents work as toll collectors at New York City’s bridges andtunnels. Others work at one of the area’s largest firms, Deposit Computer Services, in nearby Deposit.

CP’s response:

     Bridges and tunnels, huh? That’s not alarming or anything! Geez.

Read the whole thing.

CP seems to have discovered the same thing that I did: news of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, both in the MSM and on the internet, more or less stopped after 2002. A few stories showed up in 2003, reprising the earlier material, and there was a note in Jihad Watch after John Allen Muhammad was convicted in November of 2003, and then… Nothing.

Until now. Let’s keep the meme open.

14 thoughts on “More on Jamaat-ul Fuqra in New York

  1. In numerous posts regarding JF, I have read that there is a compound in Coldwater, Michigan.

    I live 2 hours away from Coldwater, and vacationed there as a child.

    I have searched every engine and blog for a week, unable to find any information on this location.

    A visual search for islamic names, through google earth and msn virtual earth, of the Coldwater area, turns up nothing.

    Can anyone help?

  2. Thanks, Baron.
    I felt comfortable asking here, as I have only lurked at The Politics of CP.
    I will try there……

    If information is available, I will keep you posted.

  3. joec,

    I found this. Hope this helps.

    Masjid of Coldwater
    Last Updated: 2005-02-01
    Address: Masjid of Coldwater
    123 Perkiens St,
    Coldwater, MI 49036, USA

    Phone: 517-278-6291

  4. antifraud — thanks for the info.

    JoeC — by all means send material when you get it, and I will post it.

    The more information available, the better.

  5. Baron,

    I found this site a while back and found it to be most useful and very interesting as well.

    Thanks for what you’re doing with this info. Eyes and ears need to be opened.

  6. antifraud, I sure appreciate the effort.
    I did locate that address through my searches, however a satellite view shows only a residence type building on a residential street.
    I guess it could be the compound, but it does not appear that way in either google earth or virtual earth.
    I have posted a comment at Politics of CP.

    If that is all we can find, a recon will be necessary.
    Thanks, again!

  7. Truth may set me free….

    Right now it is giving me chills.

    I have no confidence in our various police agencies. They are still in 9-10 mode: “We’ll write that crime up!”

    We must do their research for them.

    If any of these allegations are true….(!)

  8. This is just speculation, but.. from what I read, the majority of members of Jamaat is African American… having been brought to the Islamic light whilst in jail…
    could this be one reason why the MSM is so disinclined to report on these communities?

  9. Jesse — the Deposit and Hancock compounds may be the same thing; one of my contacts emailed me that it’s between Hancock & Deposit.

    But I bet CP would know.

  10. How many of these ‘contacts’ do you have? Not that I’m looking for names, but I’m curious as to how many people are following and supporting this effort of ours.

    And you’re right, CP is all over this. If there was ever a need for a Investigative Blogging Pulitzer Prize, he’s it.

  11. Jesse — I’ve had a lot of emails, but only about a half a dozen people have any really specific JF-related information. Anything that’s really interesting gets put up as a post, if the sender gives me permission.

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