Jamaat ul-Fuqra in South Carolina

The Politics of CP is at it again. Taking to heart my injunction to turn on the light, he has done an investigation of Jamaat ul-Fuqra in York County, SC, using open source materials on the internet:

     By now I’ve posted information related to three of the known compounds of al-Fuqra, but as I noted from the NW3C report there are numerous other “suspected” compounds and training grounds. So, to see what I could find, I picked one from the list and started searching. Next contestant – York County, SC. It’s amazing what you can find out through a little Googling.
A search of islamicvalley.com, a reference for mosque and Islamic school locations, turned up a mosque at this location known as the Masjid al-Fatimah [423 Flintlock Drive, York, SC 29745; Phone – (803) 684-4986]. A geographic search of this location using Google Earth revealed a rural location, some four miles from the city boundaries. I then looked closer and noticed that Flintlock Drive intersected with another road interestingly named – Islamville Way. Bingo. (I’ll get to maps later in the post).
I then checked whitepages.com (a useful site, by the way) and did a reverse address search on the “mosque” address. It turned up two names, but I haven’t found any other information re: who they are. Then, I reverse searched Islamville Way. It turned up ten names and one business. Again, I don’t know anything further about these individuals.
A business, Al-Oasis Tech Care, is listed as having the same address as Karima Sabur and Bilal Shabazz. An internet search revealed the company is listed as an appliance installation and repair contractor. Two other locations were found for this company as well.

Read the whole thing. He has maps, GIS, property-ownership information, and much more.

The Politics of CP has noted previously that all his material is drawn from open sources:

     This research has been drawn from open sources and is intended for informational purposes only. I in no way advocate or condone any action taken in response to this information, unless taken legally and/or by the proper authorities.

I concur. Shining the light means spreading the information, just as we find it. It doesn’t mean jumping to conclusions or becoming a torchlight-and-pitchfork mob.

These people are our neighbors, and we need to get to know them.

6 thoughts on “Jamaat ul-Fuqra in South Carolina

  1. I’m not sure, but I think this is the one that has the nice pix on the internet and allows visitors. I mean, I think it’s the dummy compound, a deflection. Isn’t it called “Islamville”??

    I saw it in some research we were doing but I don’t have it to hand right now.

  2. Beautiful. The rate of investigation into JF seems to be growing everyday as more and more people join in. Hopefully, as the light gets brighter, people will start to notice it over the dull glow of the mainstream media and the appropriate measures can be taken. These are exciting times, my friends!

  3. Jesse–

    I wish I had your optimism. The legacy media is full of time-serving mandarins. They aren’t going anywhere *near* scary stuff — I mean where they might be at risk. No way.

    Besides, read the headlines: the important news is we’re losing in Vietn..umm, I mean Iraq, Saddam is not getting a fair trial, and whatever trivia is on about entertainers, etc. I don’t have a TV so I’m just guessing here.

    You could pick up a paper from the last 5 years, jiggle the headlines a bit and have the same re-hash.

    I mean really, these are the people who gave us Abu Ghraib
    and Korans in the toilet.

    JF has been in this country for 20 years. How many MSM articles do you think there are?

    (BTW, there was a 60 Minutes story once)

  4. dymphna,

    i understand what you mean about this being a dummy compound or a deflection. you may be right. it certainly isn’t a secret place there in York County. i believe they do have more secret places and hope to find out about them. maybe by looking into the known compounds, we can find links to the unknown.

  5. Dymphna, I certainly understand where you’re coming from, and I’m just as cynical about the MSM as the next guy. Do I think the media will someday pick up the JF story? Yes. But only after JF pulls off some high-profile attack inside this country and a lot of people die. In other words: The MSM won’t care until it’s too late.

    As for the source of my optimism, let me put it this way:

    I am a college student seeking a future career in counterterrorism. I have many, many months left before I graduate and go off into whatever field I decide is the best way to combat this ever-growing evil. But the war isn’t waiting for me to graduate. Everyday the enemy grows stronger and I grow increasingly frustrated in my own inability to combat it.

    When I first stumbled upon your blog and the your post concerning Jamaat ul-Fuqra on October 10th, I was compelled to push this effort further. In the past 10 days, our knowledge of this organization has multiplied exponentially. We, as a community of bloggers, are rapidly uncovering the details on what could possibly be the most complex and deeply-rooted domestic terror group in this country.

    Chances are, none of us have formal CT training. We are all different in age, race, location and historical background. But we love this country, and the thought of people living inside it who seek to tear it apart through violence is disgusting to us. And as Baron demonstrated with his investigation of the JF compound in Red House, a little bit of research, a digital camera, and a whole lot of guts can make a huge impact. It doesn’t take much.

    Counterterrorism is not a government responsibility. A group of individuals armed only with internet access and the will to defend this country can put the spotlight on an organization like JF and demand action, just a like Montana mother-of-four who knows Arabic can run an online sting operation on a Washington US Army soldier attempting to sell information to al-Qaeda.

    Slowly but surely, the word will spread, and opportunities like Baron’s radio gig will make it happen faster. Will our voices be heard by the people in charge? I can’t say for sure, but I’ll be damned if I don’t scream my lungs out anyway because so long as I have one shred of influence, I will not let a group like JF eat away at this country. I will not let more people die in more terrorist attacks on this country.

    And that is what my optimism comes from:

    The fact I am not powerless to fight terrorism. The fact that I don’t have to sit back and watch the war unfold in front of my eyes without being able to do something about it. The fact that I can sit in my history class with a wireless-enabled laptop computer as my weapon and engage the enemy on the front lines.

    Let freedom ring.

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