Gates of Vienna Talks!

My appearance on the show was from 3pm to 4pm. It went well, though it was gruelling. We had a long conversation and several callers. Thanks to Jesse Clark for showing up as one of the callers! Another interesting caller was a former law-enforcement guy.

When we get the recording (they’re supposed to snail-mail me a CD), we will transcribe it and then post a transcript, if possible.

I can definitely recommend Heads Up America and Ken Bagwell on WZNN, for those of you in the listening area or with access to the streaming audio.

I will be appearing on a talk radio show this Friday, Oct. 21st, at 3:00 PM EDT. The program is Heads Up America hosted by Ken Bagwell on Supertalk Radio WZNN AM 1350 in the Asheville, NC area. The listening area covers western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee.

The station also has streaming audio.

I will be discussing Jamaat ul-Fuqra and other topics related to the Great Islamic Jihad. I invite readers to kibitz — if you have any suggestions, by all means put them in the comments. I’ll look at everything before I go on the air and keep it in mind.

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  1. If you are asked what books to read, I recommend Spencer’s Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam, Andrew Bostom’s Legacy of Jihad and Ibn Warriq’s Why I am Not a Muslim.

    Good luck.

  2. Congrats! Don’t forget to comment on saddam’s trial and the impact that is going to have around the world. If the Host asks what type of execution he should have, what are ya’ gonna’ say??? Hanging? Stoning? Firing squad? Burning at the stake? Confinement for life with Hillary Clinton?? Wait! that would be cruel and unusual punishment…

  3. PS – you maybe read in Little Green Footballs about the survey in Turkey where 37% of the respondents thought an adulterous wife should be killed (430 people questioned). Since islam is a religion of peace you may want to reference this number and suggest that peace may only apply to faithful wives. some thought it would be OK to cut off the nose or ear. Hey! This might be your opportunity to get a fatwa issued against you! Not everyone gets one you know.

  4. Excellent news, Baron! My only suggestion is to push the JF and OU stories as much as rationally possible. And while you’re plugging the books, throw out a few mentions for the blogs as well. I’m guessing it’s not that often an opportunity like this comes up, so it would be best to take advantage of it as much as possible and get these stories out there. I’m assuming the broadcast is at 3 PM Eastern Time, or 12 PM for us West Coast rejects?

  5. Goesh–

    I left a comment there with an old post linking to the more severe punishments meted out in Iran…it’s all relative.

    Turkey’s not my fave place, but considering how Attaturk strove to bring it out of the Deep Pit the rest of Islam was in, there are worse hellholes, even when you take in the Armenian genocide.

    Look at it this way: if Fate were to pick you up by the scruff of the neck and drop you somewhere, would you rather it be Turkey or, say, our dear friends, the Saudis?

    Also, consider this: what do you think that poll would look like in parts of dhimmified France?

  6. To further clarify what I mentioned above about plugging the blogs on the air, I think a few specifics are in order:

    Gates of Vienna (Duh.)
    The Politics of CP
    The Counterterrorism Blog

    These blogs have led the field in their coverage of issues such as the OU bombing and Jamaat ul-Fuqra, and deserve as much credit and public recognition as possible. Get the word out!!!

  7. Jesse — It’s EDT. Thanks for catching that. I updated the post.

    Of course I’ll plug blogs! Goes without saying.

    But I’ll have to mention some of the PJMedia folks as well as the ones you mentioned, them being the home team and all..

  8. I had only heard of Pajamas Media once before when it was mentioned by Wretchard of Belmont Club some months ago. I thought nothing of it until reading your previous (5:13 PM) comment, when I did the usual Google routine and found out what it was. As a new blogger, I had no idea any sort of formal organization was in existence, and having discovered I was wrong, I was quite excited. PJMedia sounds to me like a great idea for the blogosphere as a whole, and I’ll be watching their progress. Is Gates of Vienna a part of this group?

  9. Jesse–

    Yes we are part of PJM. They did our interview last week but who knows when it will go up. There are a lot of people in the pipeline ahead of us.

    I take you have their website, since you googled it. If not, go here:

    Roger Simon usually posts the latest ones, but it’s fun to go on the site and read blogger bios.

    There is so much info out there that it can be confusing to track even a small part of it. And it grows exponentially, so one’s ability to keep up shrinks relatively…I try not to think about that too much!

  10. Texan — well, in Blogger, you just go into the post, edit the date/time, & republish it. That keeps it at the top.

    I don’t know if the other blog systems work the same way.

  11. Good work, Baron.

    What you and Dymphna are doing is invaluable. You provide a way to meet, to educate and inform each other and others, to gather allies, faceless friends who saw the fiery words of death and destruction written on the walls.

    We are Free people,lovers of life, and can get along with most everyone,but we do not accept a totalitarian, cruel, barbaric tribal culture that mocks freedom and lives by a dual ethical system, one set of rules for you, another set for me.

    We cannot accept the consciousness
    of master and slave,enshrined in the islamic belief of a chain of unquestioned submission throughout all life, and including the vile act of sacralizing slavery, lying, theft, torture and murder.

    Our consciousness manifests in a higher level of individual freedom. The West has moved on to being able to co-exist, make alliances, agreements and settle conflicts by negotiation and debate.

    Islam must jump to a higher level and join the rest of humanity.

  12. I listen to WZNN from 7am to 6pm when I can at work. Their locally produced shows are top-notch, and Ken is the best interviewer anywhere. He also gives generous time to callers.
    I look forward to finally hearing you speak, I am sure you will do well.

  13. Dymphna – I would probably opt for Saudi Arabia where at least I know I could obtain something useful, oil, albeit at a high price. Turkey’s refusal to allow the 3rd ID to deploy from their soil during the Iraq invasion spared Tikrit and Fallujah the brunt of a massive armored column. The jihadis and saddam loyalists that would have engaged and been killed by the approaching 3rd were spared and lived to develop and employ the IED strategy that has killed so many of our troops. The subsequent pacification of Fallujah would have been less costly and quite possibly several hundred American lives could have been saved had the Turks stuck to the original game plan. But, such is the nature of islamic and western relations. At least we know when the Saudis are going to stab us in the back.

  14. Goesh–

    Yeah, the Turks pulled a fast one. I was talking, though, about personal safety in the day-to-day get along. As a kaffir woman, I’d rather take my chances on being dropped into Turkey.

    Turkey is backward, untrustworthy, and has miles to go. Saudi Arabia just may be evil

  15. That’s great! I’m looking forward to listening in. Another great source is “The Myth of Islamic Tolerance” edited by Robert Spencer. It shows how history was often politically influenced…same as always.

  16. Baron,
    Keep up the good work.
    You might try to work into the interview that there are alot of USA citizens who want radical islamist legally deported as a matter of public policy. That is is too dangerous to allow Islamofascists to continue to live here.

  17. felix — unfortunately, one of the problems we have is that most of the members of Jamaat ul-Fuqra are American citizens, born in this country (I want to say “native Americans”, but, of course, that phrase has been ruined). We can’t just deport them.

    That’s one of the things that makes Jamaat ul-Fuqra such a problem, and why I want to draw attention to it. National security solutions don’t work here, except for the foreign infiltrators that work within the organization.

    To complicate matters even further, JF is mostly made up of black Americans, many recruited in prison by Wahhabist chaplains. This adds the ugly “race card” to our attempts to deal with it.

    It’s possible that there are many innocent, sincerely devout — or merely crazy — members of JF. But there are violent thugs, murderers, thieves, defrauders, and common criminals among them.

    What a hairball of a problem.

  18. I just got The Great Divide, but I haven’t had time to read much yet. At first glance, the book looks good.

    One of my constant references is The Sword of the Prophet. I also like Spencer’s Guide because it is a quick-reference tool.

    I will say here that Ibn Warraq’s Why I Am Not a Muslim is an eye-opener. Also, over at ,
    the blog master is reading Fallaci’s book. I like it as well. It’s more than an eye-opener. It’s a jaw-dropper!

    For a comprehensive listing of books (a list still in process, but good ones are already up, some with reviews), see

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