The Votes Are In

Watcher's CouncilThe Council winner this week was the Sundries Shack for his well-placed sarcasm re the British Muslims’ feelings of exclusion because they’re not being included in the Holocaust memorial for the Jews murdered in WWII.

Pardon me??? Muslims were in which prison camps where? Not that Hitler wouldn’t have gotten around to them eventually — those dark skins and un-Aryan noses would’ve spelled their doom had ol’ Mustachio stayed around long enough. Fortunately for these “snivelers” the Brits cooked his bacon falafel, allowing them the continuing freedom to whine about their lot.

The fact that this post won is encouraging: it means there’s a general dismissal of the Religion of the Hypersensitive.

Doc Sanity’s second place post on regression is a nice riff on the inestimable Thomas Sowell. Highly recommended.

Gates tied for second place with the doc. I think it was the cool picture of Jabbar that did it. Does anyone know how that kid is doing?

On the non-Council side, Bill Whittle’s Tribes walked away with first place, amassing five votes. A slight demur here: as brilliant as this essay is — after all, Gates’ comments on Mr. Whittle’s ideas won second place in the Council submissions — it’s a bit unbalanced to put up a mega-watt quasar against us mortal folk. Kind of took up all the wattage in the joint.

So, in the name of balance here, second and third places both got one vote each and deserve your attention. Ace of Spades has a send-up of the Roberts hearings. Hilarious and wicked. The Bernoulli Effect fisks a whiner from Michael Moore. As he says,

     Moore’s juvenile sarcasm is anything but constructive; but as with all of those on the Left, that wasn’t his goal in the first place.

Go see it all at the Watcher’s Place. And thank him while you’re there.