“International Freedom” My Foot!

The link on our site is coming down. Mission accomplished. From the email notice sent out by Take Back The Memorial:

     We and the tens of thousands of supporters who fought for this memorial did so, not because we wish to turn these few acres in Lower Manhattan into a cemetery or convert the site into one of enduring sadness. We did so because of our unshakable belief that this is Sacred Ground, that the truth should be told there, and that the core values of our nation will be amply demonstrated by the lives remembered, the deeds done and the spirit reawakened.

The International “Freedom” Center will have to house its anti-American propaganda somewhere else. They have been evicted from Holy Ground, and that it as it should be. There needs to be at least one place where they cannot sully the American story, or denigrate her heroes.

Here’s the thing: any group which cloaks itself with a label “International Freedom Blah-Blah” is a fake. “International Freedom” is code for socialist, politically correct, anti-American liberty bashers. It used to be a handle for Communist Front organizations but when that inglorious, murderous and evil project imploded there were others waiting to grab the banner. And so they did.

You might consider the title a warning. Remember Nelson Algren’s saying?

     Never eat at a place called Mom’s.
Never play cards with a man named Doc.
Never go to bed with a woman whose troubles are greater than your own.

To his wisdom add “never believe anything coming from a place that uses “International Freedom” in its title.

The same goes for any group labeled “Peace and Justice” Whatever, or perhaps “The Whatever for Peace and Justice”. Inevitably it will turn out to be a critical mass of self-righteous cranky folks. And I do mean “critical.” Their mission is concerned with telling the rest of us how bad we are. All of us miserable sinners — the P&J people excluded, of course.

So. Add to your list of gratitude prayers tonight the welcome news of the demise of the Anti-American International Freedom Center. Sore losers that they are, they have refused Governor Pataki’s invitation to consider being housed elsewhere. Of course they have! If they couldn’t bring down the 9/11 Memorial, what’s the point?

Good riddance.