A Dollar Short and a Weasel Long

Watcher's CouncilYikes! This is most inexcusably overdue. As is last week’s posting of winners. But first things first.

The Council Winner for the August 26th vote was Gates of Vienna for the letter to Cindy Sheehan. You might want to read the follow-up, Concrete Angel, which is a reprise of a post written by her youngest brother on the first anniversary of Shelagh’s death. A year later, Will wrote his post about the helplessness and love he experienced.

Meanwhile, though, look at the second place: Dr Sanity’s Shame, the Arab Psyche, and Islam. At some point, Gates of Vienna will do a post on the Arab culture and shame. It won’t be as thorough as the good doctor’s but it will be a slightly different perspective. Anything we can understand of this phenomenon will go a long way toward healing it — curettage might not be a bad idea.

Alpha Patriot took first place in the non-council posts for his astute overview of the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews that has led inexorably to the sad removal of the settlers in the Gaza Strip. He has all the dates, places and names. This is not a story which is going to go away; Gaza is merely the latest chapter.

There is much disagreement as to whether this strategic move was wise. At Gates, with fingers crossed and a small pleading to Fate, we think it may be a smart move — one that is three moves ahead of the wily Hamas terrorists who plan to make hay with the “retreat.”

All the rest is over at the Watcher’s page. See if you agree with the vote.