Uleashing the Dogs of Immigration

“Calling President Bush, calling President Bush…the Hispanic vote is moot now. Time to protect the citizens (please read your oath of office, sir)…Karl Rove was right until he was wrong, sir, which is now….”

     Governor Bill Richardson on Friday declared an emergency in four New Mexico counties along the border, an action that lets him free up money to be spent on everything from fighting drug smuggling to fencing a livestock yard.
The executive order, issued after Richardson toured the area around Columbus, makes $750,000 immediately available to Dona Ana, Luna, Grant and Hidalgo counties. He pledged an additional $1 million.
The money will aid state and area law enforcement efforts, fund a field office for the state Office of Homeland Security and help build a fence to protect a Columbus-area livestock yard where a number of cattle have been killed or stolen.

Well, thank you Governor Richardson. Checkmate. Now let’s see if the federales will be permitted to do their job — that is if Bush would just give them the go ahead. Perhaps, Governor, your judo move will unleash the dogs of immigration.

It would be the most horrific of legacies if Bush is left with his honorable response to 9/11 being overshadowed by his lack of attention to the terrible conditions on our southern border.

Is this genetic? George the First did a bang-up job on the First Gulf War only to pull back from the denouement, leaving the world saddled with Saddam for all those tortuous years and putting our pilots in danger with those interminable flyovers. GHW Bush will have some questions to answer when posterity ascends to the Judgment Bench. Meanwhile, please do not let it be George the Second’s legacy to have led us through the horror of 9/11 only to founder in the deserts of New Mexico and Texas.

God watches over fools, drunkards, and the United States of America, but surely we’re pushing it.

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4 thoughts on “Uleashing the Dogs of Immigration

  1. Scare-mongering politics.. Napolitano in Arizona has jumped on the bandwagon also.. But the real problem is in California.. New Mexico and Arizona have seen decreases of half in the last year, especially since the Minutemen Projects started, while it has doubled in California, and stayed about the same in Texas.. I think that Prez Bush has been using a delay tactic to let the Dems and the Libs be the instigators of the War On Illegals.. The battles are not gonna be with the illegals themselves, but with the libs and pro-immigration groups and the ACLU.. If Bush has those groups already pushing what he wants, then the war is half won.. Till Boxer, Pelosi, and Schumer stop attending all the LULAC meetings and visiting minority churches to give “I feel your pain” speaches, then we will still have to wait.. 2 governors does not a reform make !! An article today said that half the Mexican population is for reform.. Now if we can only get at least half the Politician Population behind it..

  2. I’ll bet it’s more than half by now…I like your assessment of strategy. This guv is a dem, I believe, and he may be the point man.

    The 2006 elections are going to be interesting.

  3. I would like to have more confidence in GWB’s tactics with regard to immigration policy, but I believe that he has a blind spot when it comes to our borders. I don’t say that the man is incapable of playing the mind games to which Wild Bill alludes, but I don’t think so. I hope so, though.

    Perhaps the problems with illegals are worse In California, but there is a nationwide problem with regard to illegal immigrants.

    Herndon, Virginia has recently received a lot of media attention about the proposed day-laborer center. Many people here in Northern Virginia have strong feelings–and they are not positive emotions. Now those negative emotions are starting to spill over toward ALL immigrants.

    At my blog @


    are two separate “editorials”–one from the Washington Post and one from a commenter, whose lengthy piece I featured front and center. That anonymous commenter speaks for many, I think.

  4. I didnt say it was Prez Bush’s idea.. I think I would give credit for that to Krazy Karl Rove, and anything with a ROVE seal of approval on it has a good chance of seeing daylight.. I cant wait to see what McCains and H Clinton’s take is going to be on this.. Mrs. H-Kerry is a big funder of the pro immigration groups in California, so I know where J.Kerry is gonna stand on this issue, unless he wants to sleep on the couch and eat leftovers..
    Doesnt seem to be any place in the country that is without its illegals problems.. Denver Colorado is turning 7 of their libraries dominantly Mexican soon, with all English material going to the basement.. Ohio is having trouble with the criminal element of their illegals causing major problems, and the KKK is drawing lots of bad national publicity for them on it.. Drug wars are raging on the Texas border, both sides, and a bounty has been put on the heads of the Border Patrol.. California is being flooded with tuberculosis and leprosy brought in by illegals..
    But when the Human Rights/Civil Liberties groups tie every arrest and deportation up in the courts, for sometimes years, it makes it impossible get any action accomplished to even start controlling the problem.. The Enviro’s have had the wall/fence in southern Cali tied up in court litigation since the 80’s.. They did get part of the fence built, but the area that the enviros were so worried about, now has been trampled and destroyed by the crossers, so now the enviros want the rest of the fence torn down.. There are just too many people against doing anything about the illegals to actually get any results.. You have the ACLU, Pro Immigration, Human Rights, liberal Judges, Dem Politicians, and chicken-hearted Republicans in the way of any reform.. Push is gonna have to come to SHOVE before any action will be taken on this issue.. There are just too damn many lawyers involved now, and short of a National Emergency, we are just screwed..

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