More Than One Way to Spell Stupid

I Could Scream: Examining the plight of women under Islam
Remember how Adam was given the power — the permission — to name things? It’s in the story because we deeply understand that naming things bestows a kind of authority on the one passing out the labels. At least this is so if the label sticks, and this one ought to have glue all over it.

By now, we’re familiar with the Islamic idea of dhimmitude. It’s repugnant to the Western ideal of equality and brotherhood. Bat Y’eor has described only too well the dhimmitude of Eurabia. One prays that her predictions are too dysphorically tuned to be correct. Meanwhile…

…in Canada, they have dummitude, a neologism coined to meet the need to address the diminishing wits of our neighbors to the North. Sisu points out the latest hilarity (it’s hilarious if you don’t live in Toronto. If you are one of its benighted denizens, you might consider moving. If there is any safe place left. Ottawa has got another lock on the rapidly shrinking culutural IQ):

     You’ve heard of dhimmitude — the denial of equal rights and dignity to infidels under Sharia law. Now there’’s dummitude, the denial of human nature under Canadian law.

Natalie GlebovaAt issue is the presence in Canada of Natalie Glebova, this year’s Miss Universe. A nice coup, no? She’s gorgeous. She’s Canadian. What’s the problem?

Here’s the problem. In the place where feminists and Islamicists meet — and it’s obviously not any place you, dear reader, would want to visit — beauty pageants are bad. Awarding beauty for its own sake is so politically incorrect it makes the peecee meter melt. Thus, while Miss Universe does not yet have to wear the hijab, it is against the law for her to show up at any public function in Toronto wearing her tiara and sash:

     According to a city bylaw, “activities which degrade men or women through sexual stereotyping, or exploit the bodies of men, women, boys or girls solely for the purpose of attracting attention,” are not permitted at Nathan Phillips Square.
Glebova could still open the festival, organizers were told, but under strict conditions. She couldn’t wear her sash or tiara, and couldn’t be referred to as either Miss Universe or a beauty queen.
Instead, organizers were told, they could refer to her as “an individual of note contributing to our community.”

Dymphna, not given to using profanity — mainly because it could be an indication of a limited mind — had to leave the keyboard momentarily to go outside and scream “WTF???” before getting out the smelling salts for the more dignified part of her, a part equally upset at this display of dummitude. This is a particular burden since Dymphna was conceived in Toronto and takes its slide into silly irrelevance personally.

How long, Oh Lord, how long?

Hat tip: sisu. Be sure to check out the site. For the sake of brevity, some of her best analysis was left out. This blogger writes with panache; you will also find her point of view fresh and sympatico. “Dummitude” sums it up, though. We shall no doubt have cause to refer to it again.

4 thoughts on “More Than One Way to Spell Stupid

  1. Well, I’m glad to read the Toronto Mayor says it will never happen again, and that the bylaw only applies to Nathan Phillips Square which is the modernist monstrosity in front of “new” city hall, a concrete jungle which largely attracts groups with totalitarian tendencies.

    Natalie, hopefully, will get the last laugh. I, for one, just want more photos having just discovered a new apple for m’eye, and one more on a short list of reasons to visit Torrontical, capital of Bananada (I could show Natalie photos to every suspect Caliphascist on the subway!!)

    Seriously now, when someone tells you not to admire what you are genetically programmed to admire, you might think there is a reason for a bylaw against demeaning men and women. Great beauty can be a horrible curse. It has all the power of the sacred and can attract violence, resentment, and love accordingly. Great beauty is the ultimate test of womanhood. A few carry it well and become great persons, some are destroyed. Let’s not forget that the feminazis want to destroy Natalie, just like they’ve destroyed great women or merely beautiful women in the past. (Revenge for high school humiliations – one reason why the academics who promote this crap are so intellectually immature. Dummitude, for sure, but let’s not forget the deadly resentment of the sacred that is at their core. Hysteretics!)

  2. You are welcome Sissy Willis. I found you at Minh-Duc’s place.

    Truepeers, count on you to cut to the heart of the matter (whilst drooling along the way):

    let’s not forget the deadly resentment of the sacred that is at their core. Hysteretics!

    Yeah, talk about a bunch of dried-up uteruses (uteri?). And the sense of the numinous has been replaced by resentment which at *its* core is envy.

    Beauty is power and to them, it is unearned and thus must be destroyed. They are like the witches in fairy tales. Every woman in her time has turned the heads of men while walking down the street. It’s a good feeling, and a sign that you will indeed one day mate and settle down to producing other little head-turners. Now it’s all ugly and perverted and they dress the children in ho attire.

    You’re right: these people are all terrified of the numinous.

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