Indus Valley Rising

Welcome a new friend to the blogosphere! Longtime Gates of Vienna commenter Krishna Kirti has started his own blog, Indus Valley Rising, in which he will examine the issues of the Great Islamic Jihad from its Hindu front. A sample:

     I named this blog Indus Valley Rising because India is gradually becoming a world power. Of all the other civilizations that are rising in the World, I think it is in the best interests of the world–particularly the West as well as India, of course–that India prevails over others such as China to its East and Islam from its innards to the West. India retains an historical and linguistic kinship with Britain and the rest of the Anglosphere, so from a purely political and cultural point of view the rise of India as a super-power is in the best interests of the West. The West does not want China nor Islam to get substantially more powerful than they are. That will be a mutual disaster for both the West and India. In order to revive culture and peace in the world, the depopulating West is unlikely to do it without the help of a friendly civilization that has still retained the idea of a future worth creating. I believe that civilization to be centered within India, and that civilization is the Hindu civilization.

It has long been my assertion that Hinduism is compatible with the Judaeo-Christian world, and that India is a natural ally with the West in its confrontation with the Third Wave of the Great Islamic Jihad. It seems that Krishna Kirti agrees.

Keep an eye on his blog.

One thought on “Indus Valley Rising

  1. I have just returned from a visit there. It definitely shows promise.

    I love his insight from the detainee reading–we need to get non-Koran books in their hands.

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