Seriously. According to The Jersusalem Post, Hamas is conducting a poster contest. Yes, a poster contest.

So maybe they’re turning from their evil ways, right? Maybe the Religion of Peace is becoming pacifistic?

Here are the contest details –you decide:

This is a pull-out poster. Not that you pull it out from a magazine or print journal. It’s to be a poster portraying the Israeli withdrawal, i.e, “pull-out,” from the Gaza Strip.

The purpose of this poster is to depict what is in fact Israel’s voluntary, unilateral withdrawal as a shameful full-flight retreat from the mighty Hamas.In other words, the artist will strive to show Israel’s “desperation and defeat.”

     In recent weeks, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas have been competing for credit for Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza, each preparing elaborate celebrations, commissioning thousands of flags and frantically sewing clothing with their trademarks.

The Barnum & Bailey greatest show on earth--Troupe of very remarkable trained pigs Pigs playing xylophones, bells, doing card trick, and their trainerSo get your crayons out, boys and girls. The deadline is August 10th and the the first prize is US$250.00. You will notice that somehow American dollars are not haram. Now, that’s a surprise, don’t you think, considering the ink is made from pig parts?

My favorite crayon for this picture is puke.

Hat tip:Yourish.com