Giving Away Girls

I Could Scream: Examining the plight of women under Islam
So you complain about American politics? Hey, try Pakistan.

A man running for office there offered his eleven year old daughter as a bribe to his opponent in order to induce him to stand down. This father wanted to run unopposed for election as administrator in a small town a hundred miles or so north of Islamabad.

     “He wished to get elected unopposed … that’s why he also paid him (Noor) Pakistani Rs.200,000 ($3,358),” the official told the newspaper.
In Pakistan’s semi-autonomous tribal regions and rural Punjab province, girls are also given away in marriage in the settlement of disputes though the custom has been declared illegal by the judiciary.
Meanwhile, tribal elders and politicians have barred women from contesting the elections in some conservative districts of NWFP.
“It doesn’t suit our traditions and culture,” Ayaz Khan, a provincial cabinet minister, said after signing an agreement banning women’s participation in elections as candidate.

Of course it doesn’t “suit” their traditions. Their traditions are tribal, primitive, and fourth world. Women don’t run for office in the fourth world, they run for their lives.

It is difficult not to make comparisons with some of the shenanigans that go on amongst the Progressives in this country. Now there’s a tribal group for you. One has only to watch the head of the DNC to understand primitive and regressed.

But this story from Pakistan this might explain the New York Times bizzare background check on John Roberts’ children. Perhaps they thought he was going to offer one of them in exchange for a Supreme Court position? Great minds think alike and all that.

It is difficult not to make comparisons, but not impossible. In fact, it’s fun.

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9 thoughts on “Giving Away Girls

  1. I always wince when I see the “I Could Scream” banner at the top of Gates.

    But I read anyway, because these women deserve to have their stories known. And maybe my prayers will help them.

    I just can’t get my mind around the idea of not cherishing one’s daughters. I guess that’s why it’s called ‘evil’ and not ‘difference of opinion.’

  2. And we live on the same planet with these people, and they have nukes…and are getting more. Where are some colonialist/imperialists when you need them ?

  3. The imperialists dwell in the heart of the evil George and will spring forth when necessary…

    ..oops, sorry. I’ve been reading Elias Cannetti.

  4. el jefe posted:And we live on the same planet with these people

    Actually they now live in the West, and that same mysogyny is practised in the enlightened West as well.

    The real tragedy is that under the umbrella of religion, we have given legitimacy to this practise of the subjugation/slavery of women, right here in the West.

    I never thought that I would live to see the day of slavery making a come back to the West.

  5. How did the rest of the world learn to value its girls, even if the process of change was too slow? What step, what secret sauce is missing here? I have three daughters and I just can’t fathom this.

    I still have this feeling that fighting for Islam’s women could be a very successful proxy battle. Islam without access to the slave labor of half its population would have a hard time continuing on its present path. They would at least have to introduce the idea of TV dinners.

    (Of course, not every Muslim is like this. But until this behavior is universally condemned, and appears only as an aberration, Islam still has work to do.)

    Thanks for bringing this to light, as uncomfortable as it is.

  6. islam is a religion of peace and peace is easier to sustain if half the population has no rights. Do the math – only 50% of the population can argue

  7. gavriel:

    In addition to women, do not forget the apostates of islam. They are the most victimised group anywherte in the world, even here in the West. According to Sharia, an apostate must be killed. This is given in Sahih Bukhari Hadith. They can be murdered by any believing muslim with a clear conscience, and thus they live in continuous fear all their waking lives.

    It is quite educational to know what apostate are known as – murtad. Murtad means a corpse. In effect, apostate muslims, in the eye of believing muslims, are ‘dead men walking’.

    The subjugation/slavery of women and the fatwa on apostates, is clear proof that islam and democracy are irreconcilable. Islam does not allow free choice to any in its domain.


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