We Have Your Bomb(e) Recipe Right Here

Your site meter can be a bellwether. Sometimes you’d rather now know how people wandered over to your blog, and sometimes you hope they don’t return.

Here’s a list of searches from the last few days. The ugly, perverse ones about little girls are not included. Note that Bush the slave owner only appears once; his popularity as measured by the polls must be on the upswing.

Definitely, the bombs win the prize this time –due no doubt to the aftermath of the London bombings. Tossers in their underwear are sitting in front of their computers all over the world, telling themselves that if those twits in England can do it, so can we.

     * thought that god cursed gay people with aids in the 1980
* “ice pick”+”ice axe”
* custom ice axes
* alluh akbargoogle uk
* alluh akbar
* european major cities muslim majority demographic
* bush slave owner
* islam tolerance
* bill gates christian google uk
* non-believers of empiricism
* muslim women in pornography
* how to make a bomb (be)
* how do you make a bomb (be)
* making a bomb (za)
* “how make bomb” (uk)
* how make bomb (au)
* how to make a bomb (uk)
* making a bomb (nz)
* making a bomb (uk)
* making a bomb (pacific rim) how to make a bomb (peru)

So. We know there are any number of people world-wide who are looking for bomb know-how. Never one to turn away from a teachable moment, here is the Gates of Vienna recipe for a bomb to serve at your next jihad:

Celebration BombeBombe With a Bang

10oz shortbread cookies, finely rolled
1 cup flaked coconut
1/2 cup butter, melted
1 pkg. (4-serving size) chocolate Instant Pudding & Pie Filling
1 TBS. good cocoa
2 cups milk
1 cup whipped cream
1 qt. strawberry ice cream, slightly softened

MIX crumbs, coconut and butter in medium bowl; press against bottom and side of 2-1/2-quart foil-lined bowl. Place in freezer 10 minutes.

PREPARE pudding as directed on package using milk and adding cocoa; fold in whipped cream.

Spread ice cream evenly against crumb layer, then spoon in pudding mixture.

FREEZE overnight. Unmold bombe onto serving dish; garnish with additional whipped cream and strawberries if desired. Let stand at room temperature for a few minutes to make slicing easier. And use a serrated knife.

NOTE TO PURISTS: Make your own chocolate pudding. I mean how hard is it to use cornstarch and milk?

8 thoughts on “We Have Your Bomb(e) Recipe Right Here

  1. I’m saving it for later. This could be a big blast at our house. It’s so easy to make as well. Look back in my archives to find a recipe for pinwheels. They are a great, fast dessert.

  2. Nick–

    Re:pudding. I presumed the cook would have Callebaut on hand so it seemed superfluous to mention it.

    But next time, of course, I will.

  3. > Oh, and the kitty litter cake…ugh. Made that one time for a bunch of little boys. They loved it…

    LOL. I haven’t had it but the ingredients certainly look tasty.

    I’d suspect you could make some kind of sponge cake like angel food which had enough of its own internal support structure and make a scratching post/bombe out of it, make two halves in a trough and then verticalize them and figure out some way to make a carpet-like coating for the outside…

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