Sifting Through Google Hits for Jihad Instructions

Well, thanks to a link at Norm Geras’ site, we now know why Gates of Vienna has had so many searches appear on the site meter for “how to make a bomb.”

     Someone has cut the line of communication between the spiritual leaders of international terrorism and their supporters. Since 9/11 the websites have been the main links to disseminate propaganda and information.

Evidently it’s not all that clear who cut the lines, though the Times article claims that “the Israelis” know that British intelligence did it. However, they don’t say how the newspaper came by this information from the Israelis, nor do they link to any site with such information. Poor form. Lousy reporting.

The article prates on, rehashing the very stale news that “the web has become the new battleground of terrorism”:

     One global jihad site terminated recently was an inflammatory Pakistani site,, in which a section entitled How to Strike a European City gave full technical instructions. Tens of similar sites, some offering detailed information on how to build and use biological weapons, have also been shut down.

In case we forget this news comes from the Times, they remind us with this bit of editorial comment:

     However, the scales remain weighted in favour of global jihad, the first virtual terror organisation. For all the vaunted spying advances such as tracking mobile phones and isolating key phrases in telephone conversations, experts believe current technologies actually play into the hands of those who would harm us.
“Modern technology puts most of the advantages in the hands of the terrorists. That is the bottom line,” says Professor Michael Clarke, of King’s College London, who is director of the International Policy Institute.

Well, as my Irish mother used to say, “the man says more than his prayers.” Here’s the same Michael Clarke, oozing his European condescension in June, 2004:

     “The Europeans are simply not as shocked by terrorism as Americans were. March 11 in Madrid was a wake-up call to Europe, whereas September 11 to America was the beginning of a new kind of war. So we say we’ve got to do more of the same, only a bit more vigorously, which is a very European reaction. But for the United States, September 11 meant not just new policies but a new way of thinking about the world.”

So, Mr. Clarke. That was 6/04 and now you’re living in post 7/05. Any new thinking going on? Pray tell, share your wisdom, sir. In the meantime, while he’s cogitating, thank God for the boots on the ground. The head-in-the-clouds Mr. Clarke sounds mighty like a useful idiot. Not of much use to his country, but perhaps of utility to the official Iran website where I found his quote.

The MSM and academia in America is bad enough. The footsie played by the MSM and British academe is worse. A bunch of quislings.

The Times obviously know how poorly written this article is, too, since it lacks a by-line. More affirmative hiring, chaps?

Meanwhile, gratitude and congratulations to whomever shut down those wells of poison. And piss in your eye to the bloody London Times and the supercilious Mikey.

9 thoughts on “Sifting Through Google Hits for Jihad Instructions

  1. Dymphna,
    I have relatives in England, and I have already ready had to hear this stupid “Americans are more shocked by terror than we are” lecture several times.

    What a pile. Van Gogh got killed and Islamic childrens schools were firebombed. Nothing like that ever happened in America post 9/11.

    Can you imagine what the Euros would do if three of the primary buildings of their civilization were taken out in one day, and mutliple thousands of people died in the attacks?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they would respond by electing a Hitlerian figure to round up every Muslim and gas them.

    What do you call it when someone looks down their nose at you, while they have their head shoved up their ass?


  2. Honestly, I’d assumed we’d left these sites up because they were either hacked, or a good source of information.

    That they just suddenly decided to take them down is a bit disturbing, as if the aforementioned reasons really had little to do with it – they were just lazy or timid.

  3. Course, always a possibility somebody non-official took them down, not knowing they’d been left up for a reason.

  4. BTW, for what it is worth I blogrolled you guys.

    Always been a fan of your [you and Baron] posts at the Belmont Club.

  5. What do you call it when someone looks down their nose at you, while they have their head shoved up their ass?

    Subcilious? Sub silly us?

  6. On the subject of old abdullah had a cow,e.i. e.i.oh,and on that cow he had a sack ect.ect.and the sack was black.ect. This is not poetry. This is what is known as either doggerel or verse. If you want real Iranian poetry,go to omar khayyam.Whilst Iran is now seen as a collection of crazy cameljockeys,before the religion of peace conquered them with a bloody sword,they were the intellectual elite of the region.

    You know, my Friends, how
    long since in my House
    For a new Marriage I did
    make Carouse:
    Divorced old barren Reason
    from my Bed,
    And took the Daughter of the
    Vine to Spouse.

    Consider that this was written at the end of the 11th century,compare it to anything written in the west at that time.

  7. mzungu–

    you did not see my recent reference to Hafiz???? I love his stuff so much I buy it just to give away…

    But it’s a long time between good authors isn’t it?

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