Dar al-Harb Towers

Dar al-Harb TowersAll the recent controversy about the so-called “International Freedom Center” proposed for Ground Zero is quite disturbing for most of us.

The point of the memorial at the main site of the September 11, 2001 atrocities is, or ought to be, a somber contemplation of what we lost that day. This is not about “International Freedom”; this is about rebuilding our resolve, rebuilding it on the foundation of our fellow citizens’ liberty to pursue their dreams in the greatest city in the world. They were immolated for their pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

Go somewhere else to erect those politically correct America-bashing victimology centers! They don’t belong at the hallowed ground where the World Trade Center used to stand.

Gates of Vienna is proud to unveil the architects’ plans for the proposed “Dar al-Harb Towers” to be erected at Ground Zero. The new towers will be four times as high as the Twin Towers, and will proudly display an enormous version of the famous Gadsden Flag at their summit.

An artist’s impression of the Dar al-Harb Towers is shown at the right.

Nothing else could better represent the spirit of the United States of America. It’s time for us to remember who we are, what we stand for, and why we’re proud to be Americans.

Don’t let the Islamists keep the spirit of America in ruins! It’s time for us to erect two gigantic middle fingers to the Great Islamic Jihad, ones they can’t possibly miss.


9 thoughts on “Dar al-Harb Towers

  1. AOW–

    We erect things, they destroy them. Remember those Buddhist statues that the world begged them to save?

    Anyway, the Baron has a very clever Fourth of July erection…I mean, CELEBRATION…with his towers here.

  2. You know, now that you put it that way Dymphna, maybe size was the problem the whole time.

    Yeah, it was the enormous endowment of America tbat intimidated the Islamofascists on a deep level, and prompted them to retaliate with violence, as men often will when humiliated.

    When I think about it that way, I can’t say I blame them, eh Baron?


  3. I was kidding, Pastorius, but you’ve hit the nail on the head. It is male humiliation that is driving this thing….the sense of impotence Islamofascists feel and which they in turn try to project onto us…

    The face of evil can be quite banal, can’t it?

  4. Well, aside from the height being completely unrealistic for the width (you’d need materials much stronger than steel to handle e.g. wind loads)….

    Seriously, you could do better.  Preferably a single tower, built to handle all the requirements of the site.  I’d suggest a tapered pyramid for the base, shifting to cruciform higher up and later to a hexagonal star (gotta have plenty of windows).

    This would pay homage to the pre-Islamic Egyptians, Christians and Jews.  Thumb ’em right in the eye….

  5. The emphasis is definitely on ‘engineer’ and not on ‘poet’, huh?

    I don’t know the Baron’s intention, but I just want to stir envy and hatred.

    A pyramid sounds cool, though. We’d get evey tinfoil hat in the universe. OTOH, the hexagonal star would drive them away. What a wonderful dilemmma.

  6. Hey, is GOV straying into the satire neighborhood? Now I’m really in trouble.

    Really funny.

    And then it was sad and inspiring at once.

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