The Mushroom Cloud Over Tel Aviv

No one is watching the development of Teheran’s nuclear program more closely than the Israeli government. The Jewish state is a tiny island of civilization in a sea of vicious, virulent, and irrational Jew-hatred aided and abetted by the corrupt tyrannies of the Muslim Middle East. The prospect of a nuclear weapon in the hands of such folks surely concentrates the minds of those charged with Israel’s security.

An article in WorldNetDaily (hat tip: Bill Quick) describes an address by Dr. Jerome Corsi, founder of the Iran Freedom Foundation, to the Israeli Knesset:

     “Israel might need to launch a pre-emptive attack against Iran, even if the international military and diplomatic reprisals that follow might bring immense pressure upon Israel itself,” Corsi said in a keynote address to the Knesset’s prestigious Forum on the Middle East.
“Israel might well calculate that Iran armed with nuclear weapons would be too unpredictable and dangerous to tolerate. At any moment and for any reason, Iran might simply launch a nuclear strike on Israel,” said Corsi, warning of the consequences of a nuclear Iran.

Given that former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has suggested that Iran would use its nuclear weapons against Israel, the Israelis have good reason to worry. And Israel cannot rely on the United States to act against Iran, since America does not stand in the mullahs’ immediate line of fire.

     Corsi warned the Knesset that Israel should not assume the U.S. will act on its behalf: “The United States cannot be expected to take the first steps if military action should be required. The first credible threat will be to Israel, not the more distant shores of America.”
“Although the mullahs armed with nuclear weapons capability may well seek to develop an improvised nuclear device and ship it into the United States, the threat of an ‘Atomic 9-11’ has failed to waken public fear in a nation which has not experience a terrorist attack since the twin towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked.”

The Europeans will also be within range of Iran’s nuclear-tipped missiles, so we can expect even more craven appeasement from them in the near future. More “religious tolerance” laws, more Koran education in the schools, more suppression of books and art that offend Muslims, more dhimmi behavior…

“Nice doggie, here’s a bone; now don’t bite me, bite those nasty Jews instead.”

The Israelis know that they do not have the luxury of such behavior. The only thing they can do to placate those who wish them harm is to commit collective suicide.

     …Corsi urged immediate action: “Having sworn ‘Never Again,’ the government of Israel must not take the risk of discovering that Iran has a nuclear weapon by waking up one morning to witness a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv.”

I certainly wouldn’t want to be in Ariel Sharon’s shoes right now. So much hangs in the balance, and so many millions of lives can be lost based on a wrong decision.

Our turn will come, but the Jews have to go first.

10 thoughts on “The Mushroom Cloud Over Tel Aviv

  1. Rafsanjani was the “moderate” in the recent Iranian (s)election. Nukes over Tel Aviv,smuggled into Baltimore… the logic of Islamic nihilistic fascism, not to mention their own words, suggest they cannot help themselves: Once they have a bomb, can they refrain from using it? The evidence is not hopeful. The Europeans are resigned to an Iranian bomb. Bush insists it will not happen. Interesting times, indeed.

  2. The Europeans are counting on being left alone if they are nice to the mullahs. If I were European, though, I wouldn’t bet on it. I don’t think they’re willing to dhimmify to the extent that the Islamists would find sufficient.

  3. It’s off-topic, but was that a conscious reference to what is reportedly an old Chinese curse that goes something like, “May you live in interesting times.”?

    I consider Tolkein’s hobbits, who wanted nothing more than to be left alone in the Shire in relative peace. Our world appears to necesitate ‘interesting’ periods, impingeing on our beliefs of guilt and blamelessness, our optimism and vague notions of what is possible.

    I pray for peace against experience, with the hope of the church.

  4. VDH has made the comparison as such:
    “One of the many wondrous peoples that poured forth from the rich imagination of the late J. R. R. Tolkien were the Ents. These tree-like creatures, agonizingly slow and covered with mossy bark, nursed themselves on tales of past glory while their numbers dwindled in their isolation. Unable to reproduce themselves or to fathom the evil outside their peaceful forest — and careful to keep to themselves and avoid reacting to provocation of the tree-cutters and forest burners — they assumed they would be given a pass from the upheavals of Middle Earth.”

    “Only now are Europeans discovering the disturbing nature of radical Islamic extremism, which thrives not on real grievance but on perceived hurts — and the appeasement of its purported oppressors. How odd that tens of millions of Muslims flocked to Europe for its material consumption, superior standard of living, and freedom and tolerance — and then chose not merely to remain in enclaves but to romanticize all the old pathologies that they had fled from in the first place. It is almost as if the killers in Amsterdam said, “I want your cell phones, unfettered Internet access, and free-spirited girls, but hate the very system that alone can create them all. So please let me stay here to destroy what I want.””

    According to the unhinged Scott Ridder…the US will attack Iran by June 05. Faster please if this is going to happen.

  5. And don’t forget…whatever Israel does, they’ll be in the wrong. If they have to mount an airstrike to pre-empt a nuclear attack (Mossad’s probably keeping its eyes and ears open 24/7), then “thousands of innocents die in a unilateral and illegal act by the Zionist Imperialist blah blah blah.” If they don’t do anything, Iran gets nukes and hits Tel Aviv and God knows where else, since they certainly won’t *stop* with Israel. And then it’ll be Israel’s fault for knowing about it and not doing anything.

    What will Ariel Sharon know and when will he know it? G-d be with him.

  6. The mushroom cloud won’t happen.
    From Charles Krauthammer’s Democratic Realism.
    Realists do not live just in America. I found one in Finland.
    During the 1997 negotiations in Oslo over the land mine treaty, one of the rare holdouts, interestingly enough, was Finland. The Finnish prime minister stoutly opposed the land mine ban.
    And for that he was scolded by his Scandinavian neighbors. To
    which he responded tartly that this was a “very convenient” pose for the “other Nordic countries”—after all, Finland is their land mine.

    Finland is the land mine between Russia and Scandinavia.
    America is the land mine between barbarism and civilization.
    And Israel is the land mine between America and the Caliphate.

    Israel is America’s land mine. We will never let Israel be destroyed.

  7. There are some people who believe that America deserves to be overrun–that being sacked by the Islamofascists is our due for killing Indians/oppressing minorities/hurting Al Sharpton’s feelings/[insert your personal grievance here]. Point is, a lot of people want to see our defenses stripped for the sole purpose of watching us pay for our iniquities. Which is pretty sad, considering that they would be consumed as well.

  8. Boy am I glad I live in Beit Shemesh and not in Tel Aviv. That cloud ought to be quite a sight though from just a few miles down the road. I’ll have to remind the kids to put on the sunblock.

    I for one have no confidence in realists or moderates constraining Iran from within. I don’t see their actions and words being in line with mere deterrence. As far as I can tell, if they have any interest in peace with Israel, it is the kind that is disturbed only by the constant clicking of the geiger counter. I can’t even tell for sure anymore that the long-awaited uprising against the Ayatollahs would really change this. (I have my hopes, and my doubts).

    So while we all gnash our teeth about disengagement, the real threat grows closer.

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