Pimping Misery

Sometimes relationships reach the point of no return. Often it’s not possible to say when that point comes except in retrospect. And so our long arrangement with the United Nations is coming to a close. How long and dragged-out will be the divorce is unknown, but the dissolution of ties is coming, be it through mandate or court battle.

Jinnji at Hot Needle of Inquiry thinks that the corruption in the United Nations is too pervasive for the UN to be salvageable as an institution. Calling it a “misery pimp,” Jinnji points out that the order of business for the UN is simply that: misery—

So what is the industry of the UN today, if it is not preventing holocausts? I think it is misery. The UN administers misery, and Kofi et al are misery pimps. Since this is the main industry of the UN, there is really no incentive to eliminate it, or even to try. The UN keeps misery at a nice stable level, managing it and skimming off a respectable profit. And that is just basic misery management–not including the perks like sex with underage children in Dafur and the Congo, and giant managment bonuses like Oil for Food bribes and contractor kick-backs.

Pointing out how unlikely it is to change, Jinnji suggests that the whole thing be dissolved and that we start all over again.

An interesting idea, but I don’t think it goes far enough. Why don’t we simply eliminate it and refuse to participate ever again in any bloated, centralized entity? There are many smaller confederations we could join — and have joined — for mutual security and economic reasons.

The world has gotten smaller and the rate of change has increased exponentially so the last thing we need is central control. It can’t respond quickly enough, as the Tsumani aftermath proved; it has no moral authority, as illustrated in Darfur, and it has no accountability, as Oil for Food demonstrates, continuing to bubble out vast reserves of corruption and downright evil.

The world not only doesn’t need the United Nations, the sad fact is the world would be a better place without the United Nations. If it ever had any usefulness that utility is so long past it’s no longer visible.

When the UN disappears the economic costs to New York City will be great. But we have closed military bases before and communities have thrived. New York can be helped; it would be a better city without the scofflaws and outlaws who people the whore house on First Avenue. Simply put, the United Nations cannot and should not continue.


Prayer for the UN

Let Kofi be the last.
Let the past be the past.
Do not feed it anymore.
May the UN be like the Marxist state:
Let it wither away.

6 thoughts on “Pimping Misery

  1. The League of Nations didn’t work, the United Nations didn’t work and setting up yet another something or other of Nations won’t work either. The United Nations has become a sprawling club of networking, fun loving, money hungry, travel loving, UN careerists. Get rid of it.

  2. An organization populated mainly by dictatorships can’t be expected to behave democratically.


    I have tried to explain this to UN supporters, and while they agree with the statement, they think that somehow it doesn’t apply to the UN.

    I did get yelled at once about the US being behind on UN dues. I replied that we fund 1/5 of the Un’s operation costs and suggested that we quit doing that and just pay the dues instead. For some reason, I got called a fascist.

  3. Jude is right. The whole idea of a UN/League of Nations type of organization was flawed to start with, primarily because it allows the chattering classes of lawyers and diplomats to disguise inaction with reams of paper and the appearance of activity.

    Moreover, an organization such at the UN is inherently biased against the great powers and is continually seeking new ways to tie them down, usually with the connivance of our own left academics and diplomats.

    The UN as an institution instinctively seeks to negate or smother or otherwise hobble the power of nation states, all of which, whatever their form of government, are ultimately accountable in one way or another to their citizens. The UN exists to exalt the power of unaccountable and unelected world bureaucrats and lawyers, and as such is the mortal enemy of representative government everywhere.

  4. The UN serves no useful purpose other than to foist upon the City of New York hordes of parasites (equipped with diplomatic immunity) whose idea of “work” is attending an endless number of cocktail parties, travel to exotic locales, and spend vast amounts of money serving on “commissions.”

    22% of which is paid for by the U.S. taxpayer.

    One of my greatest disappointments with the current administration is it’s reluctance to do anything meaningful to rein-in New York’s Party Boys And Girls.

    I was saddened by the President’s support of chief thief Kofi Annan.

    We should show the whole sorry lot the door.

    But if the current adminstration won’t do anything about the UN, who will??

  5. I’m not sure the current administration has the energy to deal with another American-generated crisis. Can’t you hear the rest of the world???

    That’s not to say it won’t be on the table in 2008. Depends on who’s brave enough to bring it up as an election point. Or party platform plank…

    OTOH, we may just continue to quietly emasculate the place. I’d be happy if they just kept cutting the funding.

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